Benefits of garlic and onion oil for hair

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Benefits of garlic and onion oil for hair – ” Contents1 hair care1.1 The benefits of garlic and onion oil for hair1.2 How to apply garlic oil and onions on hair1.3 Garlic oil for hair1.4 Ways to use onions for hairhair careHair care is important in terms of density, its length and smoothness are an extremely important issue, and no longer limited to the beautiful sex of women, but men also care about their hair and protect it from baldness, and by the Hair care mixtures have recently become widespread, even, the issue is mixed with everyone, so no one is able to distinguish between a good and a bad recipe, and in this article we will talk about the recipe for garlic and onions on the hair, while noting how to get rid of their smell.Benefits of garlic and onion oil for hairImproving blood circulation in the scalp through the mixture contains sulfur and ISEN, nourishing the capillaries and follicles.Protect the scalp from bacterial infections.Eliminate dandruff thanks to the mixture of antibacterial substances.Maintain the color of natural hair and delay the appearance of gray hair that indicates age; in fact, the mixture contains an antioxidant.Protect hair from damage and split ends.Nourish hair strands from their roots to t

1.1 The benefits of garlic and onion oil for hair

heir ends, increasing their length and strength.Germination of roots and follicles, alopecia solution, hair loss and light hair.How to apply garlic oil and onions on hairMix one cup of onion juice and one cup of garlic oil in a sealed tin.Please ensure together the homogeneity of the ingredients.Cut your scalp and the ends of your hair with the mixture.Leave the mixture on your head for an hour, with the need to cover it with a plastic bag or a wet towel; this is to ensure that the absorption of the hair is fully benefited from the mixture.Wash your hair with water, then add a little vinegar to remove the smell of the bad mixture, with the ability to replace the vinegar with coffee, nescafe or curd.Repeat the process once a week to get the desired results.Garlic oil for hairCut two heads of garlic into very small pieces, then leave it for ten hours until it dries.Once the specified period has passed, add the chopped garlic to a liter of water and put it on high heat.After evaporating half the amount of water, reduce the gas temperature, then add 100 ml of olive oil or corn oil to the mixture.Stir the mixture constantly until the water evaporates completely and bubbles appear.Strain

1.2 How to apply garlic oil and onions to hair

the mixture into a tightly closed bowl.Put the jar in a dark place for two whole weeks to be ready for use.Ways to use onions for hairThe first method: divide the onion in half, then offer each half separately, then press the grated amount and extract the resulting water.The second method: chop the onion, then put it in the electric blender.The third method: divide the onion into wide slices lengthwise, then put them in the carrot juice.Was the article useful?

1.3 garlic oil for hair

Benefits of garlic and onion oil for hair

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