Benefits of green tea compresses for the eyes

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Benefits of green tea compresses for the eyes – “Contents1 Green tea2 The benefits of green tea eye compresses3 How to use green tea eye compresses4 Other benefits of green tea5 referencesgreen teaGreen tea drink has been famous for thousands of years in China and Japan, after which it spread to other countries, and its use and popularity was popular because of its usefulness and delicious taste, and its papers or bags packed to make tea can be used, And it can also be sweetened, and it has also been used in terms of medical aspect to alleviate many health problems among them are the benefits of one’s own eyes. [1]Benefits of green tea compresses for the eyesGreen tea compresses help to relieve eye swelling and swelling as they contain caffeine, which help to shrink blood vessels in the eye tissues, in addition to its effectiveness in keeping the skin tight, as well as green tea is rich in antioxidants and infections that Help to reduce the eyes, redness and irritation in addition to remove excess fluid from the eyes, as well as darken useful under the eyes. [2]How to use green tea compresses for the eyesGreen tea compresses can be applied to the eyes by following these steps: [3]Soak a green tea bag in hot water for a while.The

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tea bag era to reduce the amount of liquid.Wait for the tea bag to cool down a little if you want to use a hot material, but if you want to use it as a cold bail, it is advisable to put it in the refrigerator for a while.Put the tea bags on the eyes after closing them and keep them for 15 minutes.Repeat the placement of the compresses whenever a person feels the need.It should be noted that the perfection should be removed from the eyes if there is a feeling of irritation or worse symptoms after removing them, as well as not to use hot compresses, and not to use them in any form for children. [3]Other benefits of green teaThere are many other benefits of green tea, of which we mention the following:Controlling the cholesterol level in the blood, because eating large amounts of green tea reduces triglycerides, harmful cholesterol and total cholesterol, and at the same time, it helps to increase the good cholesterol level, due to the confinement of green tea to antioxidants. [4 ]]Reduction of genital warts, as the use of green tea extracts or ointment reduces genital warts, especially when applied constantly for several weeks. [4]Weight loss, as green tea helps improve the body’s me

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tabolism so that the number of calories the body burns throughout the day increases, as well as useful in promoting fat burning, reducing the absorption of fat into the body, filling appetite, and reducing the production of fat cells. [5]Maintaining heart health, due to the effectiveness of tea in improving the control of cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and some studies have shown that the consumption of eating it daily helps to reduce the risk of heart disease, brain bleeding and stroke; Compared to those who do not take it daily. [5]Improve the brain’s ability to perform its functions, as it helps maintain the brain’s wakefulness and attention, improving memory and helps relieve anxiety, cognitive impairment, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. [5]Reduce the possibility of diabetes, as green tea helps maintain blood sugar levels and increase the body’s sensitivity to the hormone insulin. [5]the reviewerWas the article useful?

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Benefits of green tea compresses for the eyes

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