Benefits of Harmel for the skin

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Benefits of Harmel for the skin – ” Contents1 Harmel1.1 Harmel skin benefits1.2 Health benefits of Hermel1.3 Other benefits of Hermel1.4 It has been said about Al -HarmalStalkHarmel is one of the plants belonging to the kingdom of plants, the scope of the actual cores, the branch of land plants, the sex of the harnal, Hurghada species, the division of seeds, the calamity of seeds, the rank of shrines, the Department of ground plants, and is characterized as a distinctive and strong smell, its cards, and its fruits are on the ground. And with small seeds of black color, large white flowers of white color and its height does not exceed sixty centimeters, and grows and spreads in the middle countries of the White Sea, especially in the countries of the Arab world, and grows in desert environments where the rain falls.Benefits of Harmel for the skinIt makes the skin fresh and shiny.Put it from the germs.It treats pimples and spots.Health benefits of HarmelThe health benefits of Harmal are summarized as:Reduces headaches, joint pain and muscle inflammation and cramps.It treats digestive problems such as stomach disorders, loss of appetite and diarrhea.It maintains the health of the heart, treats some of its diseases and

1.1 Harmel benefits for the skin

problems such as heartbeat, as well as arteries and artery blockage.It treats respiratory problems such as swelling around the lungs, cough and shortness of breath.It is used in the treatment of certain diseases such as liver bleeding, inflammation, weak eyes, paralysis and bone injuries such as twisting, swelling, warts, tooth and ear pain.Diuretic, as well as a breastfeeding mother.It treats epilepsy and bad mood.It kills bacteria, germs and fungi.It removes whites of the eye.Treats certain types of cancer, such as oral cancer.Reduces body temperature.It kills intestinal circles and treats water retention in the body.It treats coats, suits, hemorrhoids and sciatica.Reduces the level of harmful cholesterol in the body.Sexual stimulant for men.It removes ophthalmology, treats forgetfulness, jaundice, madness and strength.It treats menstrual problems, as it stimulates the uterus and protects it from miscarriage.Anti-scorpion plated.It expels the blister.It treats diabetes for diabetics and reduces blood sugar.It prevents the loss of hair, strengthens it, kills insects that harm them and eliminates fungi from the scalp.Other benefits of stalkingInsecticide.It is included in manufact

1.2 Hermel health benefits

uring industries.Perfume for certain materials such as: SOAP.It is included in the manufacture of cosmetics and perfumes.It cancels witchcraft and magic.I promote envy.It has been said about Al-HarimDavid Al -antaki spoke about it as: (Al -Harmal is a well-known plant, which is two types, white, which is the Arab, and red, which is the well-known familiar and is called Persian esfand, and the The public invites him to close Deeb or Harmal, which is a plant that lifts a third of the arm and lifts a lot, and has a paper leaf, and of it is round and its white flower is left behind the round triangular conditions inside with it with A black button, like a fast, heavy and fragrant mustard.Ibn Sina spoke about it as: (Al -Harmal, which is: it is known, verbs and properties: a snake cut, joint machines: good for joint pain and synthesized, food members: bitten, shake members: urine and Menstruation is generated with heavy drinking and woven, and also benefits from drinking and woven from the colon).Was the article useful?

1.3 Other Benefits of Hermel

Benefits of Harmel for the skin

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