Benefits of henna for the skin

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Benefits of henna for the skin – ” Contents1 henna2 benefits of henna for the skinhennaHanaa is considered one of the plants that follow the thickness family, and they are perennial and annual shrubs that stay for a period of (3) years, and some of them stay for (10) years evergreen and contain heavy branches, some of which reach (3) meters, and they have roots. And it is performed in red and bag of branches in green form, and when they are mature, their color becomes brown, while the leaves are oval in shape, texture and leathery in form, reaching a length between (3-49) cm, and it is a soft red or white or a white that tends to yellow, and has white colored flowers and a permeable aromatic smell.Henna shrubs are divided into two classes: a class that has white flowers and another class with purple or red flowers, including: municipal henna, Baghdadi, Al -Shami, and thorny henna, and the henna plant is called more than one name, including: Raqan, SNAA, henna, numbers and sneezes. Southwest Asian regions are the original habitat of the henna plant, as their cultivation needs warm areas, and their cultivation is widespread in Africa, Egypt, India, China and Sudan.Benefits of henna for the skinIt helps in the defens

2 benefits of henna for the skin

e against infections and infections, as it eliminates and reduces the presence of harmful bacteria on the skin, which are responsible for many types of infections that occur in the body; As henna limits the multiplication of these bacteria that cause infection, the use of henna regularly reduces and kills these bacteria before the infection occurs.The skin cools and calms the skin; And it is by reducing the effect of the blood circulation under the skin. When it is henna on the areas where the heat increases, the feeling of the skin is organized and the heat and warmth reduce, but henna is not considered a treatment for these problems, so it is advisable to see a doctor to solve the problem permanently.It is rid of pain, especially infections that occur on the surface of the skin, because henna reducing infections that cause pain, rubbing the skin with a little henna, ie a slight pain, so henna helps People who suffer from skin sensitivity resulting from taking certain drugs or antibiotics and their side effects.The scalp is useful: henna improves the appearance and quality of hair, in addition to that, it helps reduce dandruff in the scalp, improves hair tissue and gives it shine

and brightness, because henna interferes in many cosmetic products and preparations to improve the overall health of the hair as well as the scalp.Was the article useful?

Benefits of henna for the skin

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