Benefits of honey and lemon for the face

1 healthy skin

Benefits of honey and lemon for the face – ” Contents1 healthy skin2 benefits of lemon for the skin3 benefits of honey for the skin4 lemon and honey mask5 Video of honey mask mixtures for the face6 referencesHealthy skinHealthy and pure skin is one of the most important beauty ingredients that every woman is looking for, but getting it is not easy but rather needs a lot of care and attention, and the multiplicity of skin care is multiple between the interest in the diet followed , and a lot of nutritious and beneficial foods for the skin, and not to expose the skin to the sun for long periods, the use of sunscreen in case of exposure and moisturizing and nutritious creams for the skin, and the work of the work of the work The skin of the skin from time to time is very important, especially if they are prepared and extracted from natural materials, and there are many of these masks that solve all skin problems and make them health and freshness, the most important of which is the honey and lemon mask, which we will address to talk about its benefits and how to prepare it.Benefits of lemon for the skinLemon is one of the most used ingredients in every home, and it has many health benefits such as strengthening the immune syst

2 benefits of lemon for the skin

em and others, and the reason is due to its many vitamins and minerals, such as potassium, calcium and magnesium, In addition to antioxidants, as it is considered a good source of vitamin C, and all these vitamins and minerals improve the health of the skin, hair and nails, and the most important aesthetic benefits of the skin:[1]Renew skin cells: Lemon makes the skin young and supple, as vitamin C in which collagen is found in the skin, which increases the elasticity of the skin, and makes it soft, shiny and vitamin C protects against the accumulation of free radicals in the body, in addition to its maintenance properties that help tighten the skin, and prevents the appearance of premature aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines.It can help treat acne and scars: lemon contains ascorbic acid (in English: L-Ascorbic acid), which is a natural collar that helps treat acne quickly, and vitamin C improves the growth of healthy skin tissue, reduces acne and spots, as well as contains antibacterial properties that can kill bacteria responsible for acne.This can help to reduce freckles: one of the reasons that lead to the appearance of freckles is damage to the skin, exposure to the sun for

3 Benefits of honey for the skin

long periods of time, and lemon contains properties that open up and whiten the skin, which gradually reduces freckles and can disappear when you continue to use it always.Reduces the signs of skin stretching: the signs of skin stretching are a source of dates for many, and this can make them look for various ways to get rid of it like cosmetic products, which may be useless on the one hand, or have The side effects on the other hand, and lemon is useful to treat this problem through its properties that regenerate and improve the skin cells.Reduces dark lips: lemon opens dark lips due to sunlight, or using low quality cosmetics, or because of a lot of caffeine, as it contains whitening properties, but this requires some time.Benefits of honey for the skinHoney is that known natural substance that bees produce from the nectar of flowers, and it has been used from ancient times as a medicine to treat many diseases. The skin, and all this thanks to the substances, which have an effect By killing certain types of bacteria, fungi and microbes [2] as honey moisturizes the skin and fights with aging; It contains nutrients, antioxidants, enzymes and other substances that enjoy many benefi

4 lemon and honey mask

ts, and the most important of these aesthetic benefits of the skin: [3]It moisturizes the skin: honey is a natural moisturizer for the skin, as it contains long-term skin moisturizing compounds.Cleanse the pores: clean the enzymes in the honey and get rid of all the impurities attached to them, which can cause them other skin problems.Gently peel the skin: the enzymes, anti-oxidants and nutrients in honey help peel the skin, removing and rejuvenating dead skin cells again.It helps eliminate the effects of facial scars: the antibacterial and inflammatory compounds in honey help reduce the scars and effects of wounds, and heal wounds quickly.It calms redness and irritation: this is thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.Mask with lemon and honeyThis mask gives the skin all the benefits we have talked about in the previous paragraphs, and it is good that it matches all skin types and its components: [4]ingredientsA lemon seed.A teaspoon of honey.cotton.How to useThe lemon era in a bowl.Add the honey to the lemon juice and if lemon oil is available, it can be used as an alternative to lemon juice.The resulting mixture is mixed well and continue until the mixture becomes liquid.Dist

ributing the resulting mixture over the entire face with the help of cotton, while moving as much as possible from the eye area, or the mixture can be soaked with cotton, then put the cotton on the face, and it should be noted that the Hair should be removed and removed from the face; This is for the severe mask of the wife.This mask is left on the face between 10 and 15 minutes.Then the face is rinsed with warm water.This mask is applied once a day for one to two weeks, after which you will notice the difference on your skin.Note: you should consider not applying this mask after peeling the skin so as not to irritate it.The honey blend face maskThe honey mask blend for the face.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Benefits of honey and lemon for the face

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