Benefits of lavender oil for the skin

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Benefits of lavender oil for the skin – ” Contents1 Lavender oil2 The benefits of lavender oil for the skin3 natural recipes for lavender oil for the skin4 referencesLavenderLavender is one of the most important herbs distributed in the world Many skin problems, and we will talk in this article about the benefits of lavender oil for the skin and some natural recipes for its use. [1]Benefits of lavender oil for the skinAmong the benefits of lavender oil for the skin: [2]It renews dead skin cells as it creates new cells, giving a clear and fresh skin.It treats various skin creatures.It treats burns resulting from direct sun exposure.It protects against pimples on the face specifically acne and also cleanses the skin.It treats many diseases that can harm the skin, such as eczema, psoriasis and many others.Natural lavender oil recipes for the skinSome of these recipes:Lavender: By applying an appropriate amount of lavender oil on a clean cotton ball, applying it to the skin, especially on the areas where the pills are largely, and leave it on the face for a period not exceeding ten minutes, and then washing The skin with warm water, where the lavender oil is highly effective and anti-inflammatory, it also removes bacteria fr

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om the skin.Lavender and egg white: This recipe can be applied by applying three drops of lavender oil in a suitable bowl, adding an egg white and mixing them well to get a coherent mixture easy to apply, applying the mixture on the skin For a period with soap and water, it is best to repeat this recipe twice a week to get the best results, because lavender oil helps to get rid of fatigue, stress and tension, because it stimulates blood circulation in the human body and It is by increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells. [3]]Lavender and honey: Putting three tablespoons of natural liquid honey in a suitable and clean bowl, adding two tablespoons of yogurt with constant stirring, adding two teaspoons of lavender oil, two tablespoons of pure rose water, mix well to get a homogeneous mixture , Apply the mixture to the skin, leave it only half an hour, then wash it well with warm water. [4]Lavender and olive oil: This method can be used by mixing two teaspoons of salt with a tablespoon of olive oil in a suitable bowl, adding a few drops of lavender oil, applying the mixture to the face with a continuous massage in a circular manner Using the fingers and leaving it f

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or a period that does not increase for a third of an hour, wash it with warm water.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Benefits of lavender oil for the skin

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