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Benefits of lemon butter – ” Contents1 lemon butter2 Benefits of lemon butter3 Preparing lemon butter4 ways to use lemon butter5 tips for using lemon butterLemon butterLemon butter is one of the most famous African products that dates back to the city of Guinea, and is made mainly from lemon peel, seeds and juveniles, and is characterized by many vitamins, the most important of which are: a group of Vitamins: C, B, E, in addition to a high percentage of natural moisturizing oils, which offers the body many benefits that we will mention in this article, as well as how to prepare it, and ways to use it.Benefits of lemon butterBrightening the skin, unifying its color, as well as removing dark spots, especially spots in sensitive areas of the body.Remove freckles and melasma that appears on the skin as a result of continuous sun exposure.Get rid of acne, and its effects are especially in people who have oily skin.Tighten the skin, get rid of the warning.Resist the signs of premature aging that appear on the face, which are wrinkles.Moisturizing and perfume the body and prevent it from dehydration.Prepare the lemon butteringredients:Fifty-five grams of fine sugar.Two teaspoons of starch.A pinch of lemon spray.One

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hundred and twenty milliliters of water.Two teaspoons of lemon juice.One tablespoon of butter.How to prepare:Mix the sugar with the starch.The pot is raised to moderate heat and the ingredients are mixed continuously until the sugar is completely dissolved.Add the lemon peel, water and lemon juice, and the ingredients are stirred constantly until the mixture becomes thick.Leave the mixture on the heat for two more minutes.The pot is removed from the heat, the butter is added and the ingredients are stirred until they overlap.The butter is placed in a tightly closed glass jar, and it is kept until the time to use.Methods of using lemon butterThe fat method: a whole bath is taken, or the desired area is cleaned with the butter, and dry wells, and an appropriate amount of butter is applied to the affected areas, left for a period of at least two hours, and then washed off with warm water; This process can be repeated twice a day, regularly to achieve expected results.Mixing method: Mix a teaspoon of lemon butter with a little rose oil, and the mixture is placed under the armpit as a deodorant; This mixture can be used once a day to lighten this area and get a fragrant smell.Tips for

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using lemon butterA little shea butter should be mixed with lemon butter if it is used by dry skin.People with sensitive skin can use it without fear of damaging their skin; It does not give a burning sensation and does not cause skin irritation.Was the item useful?

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Benefits of lemon butter

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