Benefits of lentils for the skin

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Benefits of lentils for the skin – ” Contents1 lens2 advantages of lenses for the skin3 lenses for the skinLentilLentils are a type of plant that belongs to the family of legumes, characterized by the color of its brown to red, gray or black, and the diameter of the lentil is thirteen millimeters, and it has several uses such as: eating it in the Form of boiled pills, or crushed pills, or in the form of soup, lentils contain a high percentage of protein, iron and fiber, and is grown in the Levant, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Southern Europe and the United States of America, and refers its origin to the Middle East and Asia.Benefits of lentils for the skinHelp to clean and purify the skin from harmful substances.It can help alleviate the problem of blackheads.It can help lighten the color of the skin.It contains magnesium, copper, phosphorus and vitamins that are important for skin and hair health.Help increase the vitality, activity and smoothness of the skin, especially in summer.It can help to exfoliate the skin.Lens for the skinLens mask to brighten the skinIngredientsTwo tablespoons of lentils to the ground well.Two tablespoons of milk.Rose water and plain water.How to useMix the above ingredients.Stir the mixture unti

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l a soft paste forms.Spread the paste on the face.Leave it on for half an hour.Rub the mixture from the face, then rinse it with water.Lentil mixture to get rid of blackheadsIngredientsThree tablespoons of boiled lentils.One tablespoon of flour.One spoonful of rose water.Drops of lemon juice.How to useGrind the boiled lentils well.Add the rose water, flour and lemon juice to the ground lentils.Mix the ingredients together.Put the mixture on the skin with a distance of the circumference of the ocean.Leave the mixture on the face for thirty minutes.Wash the face with lukewarm water.Use a clean cotton ball with rose water; to clean the skin.Repeat this mixture three times a week.Natural lens mixture to delay the appearance of wrinklesBoil two tablespoons of yellow lentils in a quantity of water.Strain the lentils from the water.Fry the lentils well.Put the mixture on the face and neck and let it dry completely.Rinse the face and neck with cold water.Natural lentil mixture to help brighten the faceingredientsMedium option.A quarter cup of red lentils.Half a cup of yogurt.How to usePut all of the above ingredients into a blender.Blend well.Pour it into a box.Put the mixture as a mask on

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the face and let it dry.Rub the mixture on the face.Wash the face with lukewarm water, then wash it with cold water.Wipe the face with a cotton pad moistened with rose water.Was the item helpful?

Benefits of lentils for the skin

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