Benefits of lettuce oil for hair and skin

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Benefits of lettuce oil for hair and skin – ” Contents1 Lettuce oil2 Benefits of lettuce oil for hair3 Benefits of lettuce oil for the skin4 referencesSaladLettuce is a seasonal plant grown in most countries of the world, and China is considered the most productive and export of lettuce because the pharaohs were the first to use lettuce in their food as a kind of food plant, which is a large plant with a gradient green color that is wrapped on top of each other, and it is rich in vitamin A., in addition to potassium, zinc, phosphorus and iron, where lettuce oil is made from lettuce seeds by fermenting for four weeks in vegetable oil, so that it can be prepared at home by putting 100 grams of lettuce seeds inside a bowl, then add olive oil until the seeds are outgrown, then the closure is governed that the bowl is placed in the sun for four weeks with daily shaking, after the moment To filter the oil from the seeds after its time well and lettuce oil is ready to be used for any purpose. [1]Benefits of lettuce oil for hairAmong the benefits of lettuce oil related to hair: [2]Supply the hair and skin with the three elements that increase their vital appearance, which are silicon, phosphorus and sulfur, by applying a light massa

2 Benefits of lettuce oil for hair

ge for the lettuce oil on the scalp and skin.Massage the wet hair with lettuce oil and leave it for an hour which improves hair growth and increases its density as it contains high concentration of vitamin E.It is used to straighten curly, dry and damaged hair by applying it on wet hair once a week.It is recommended to use it in the case of hair that suffers from weakening roots; it strengthens it and increases its vitality and hardness.Lettuce oil comes second to olive oil in terms of its ability to lengthen hair; So an amount of lettuce oil is heated suitable for the length of the hair and massage it well from the roots to the ends, then cover with a plastic cap every night, wash the hair in the morning for ten consecutive days and you will notice a remarkable improvement in your hair.Dry hair is wiped with a light layer and left without washing; To eliminate the problem of hair tangle resulting from dry hair.Benefits of lettuce oil for the skinAmong the benefits of lettuce oil related to the skin:[3]Add to skin masks to feed the skin the necessary nutrition as it contains essential vitamins and minerals in addition to silicon.It is used to achieve soft skin by applying it on the

3 Benefits of lettuce oil for the skin

face and neck once a day with a light massage until the skin absorbs it completely; Lettuce oil is rich in antioxidants and omega -3, which fights the age aspects of the skin.It is used on the skin to treat pimples and zits and eliminate its effects; It is applied on the face before going to bed and washed off in the morning.It works to reduce eyelids by massaging them with the fingertips gently several times a day until the bloating disappears.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Benefits of lettuce oil for hair and skin

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