Benefits of lettuce oil for the skin

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Benefits of lettuce oil for the skin – ” Contents1 lettuce2 types of lettuce3 The nutritional value of lettuce4 Healthy and curative benefits of lettuce5 Benefits of lettuce oil6 Benefits of lettuce oil for the skinLettuceA type of plant belongs to the stellar family, which is a leaf that turns away from each other and is eaten fresh as it is, because it does not need cooking and can be eaten with salads, and lettuce is characterized by its need for The cold atmosphere when planting, that is, it can be grown in the fall and spring. The Egyptians began in the past with its cultivation and then became widespread in the world, and its nutritional value is high, which gives great benefits (therapeutic, preventive and health).Types of lettuceLight leaves.Nasturtium.Lettuce patavine.Oil.The nutritional value of lettuceThere are many important nutrients in lettuce, as lettuce leaves contain vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C and vitamin E, lettuce leaves saturated with energy and have acids, such as: folic acid and also contains a group of carbohydrates and lettuce Contains mineral salts minerals, such as: calcium, phosphorus and iron, and lettuce are characterized by a high percentage of dietary fiber, a large amount of water a

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nd the presence of beta-carotene.The health and processing benefits of lettuceIt protects the skin from the heat of the sun, as it works on an insulating layer that protects the skin from the heat.It is considered as an analgesic because it contains beta-carotene.It protects from some cases of constipation for the presence of dietary fiber.It protects against Alzheimer’s disease.Very useful for the intestine because it contains fiber.It is considered as an antioxidant because of the presence of beta-carotene.It treats cases of infertility of vitamin E in lettuce.It is used as a soother of impurity for the presence of lactocarium.It strengthens the sight because it contains vitamin A.It eliminates unpleasant odors from the body because it contains chlorophyll.It is considered a diuretic and a laxative for the intestine.It treats strong cases of cough.It treats certain infections, such as skin infections.Anemia is treated.It works to balance the heart rhythm.It is useful for slimming and weight loss.It treats hair loss and gives it vitality.Benefits of lettuce oilIt protects against cancer, especially colon cancer.It calms the nerves, rests the body and achieves a feeling of psycholo

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gical comfort.It stimulates blood circulation.It treats infections that occur in the urinary system.It helps hair growth in the form of its capacity and gives it shine, vitality and beauty.It balances the sex hormones in the body.It facilitates births for women and protects against miscarriages.Reduces abdominal pain.It only takes one tablespoon of lettuce oil in the morning and another spoon in the evening.Benefits of lettuce oil for the skinIt helps to make the skin smoother and shinier, especially for dry skin.It removes leathery pimples that form on the face.It is considered as a moisturizer for the skin.It works to prevent sunburn.The way to use it is to make a facial mask from the lettuce oil, then after about ten minutes, the face is washed with water well and gently so as not to scratch the skin.Was the article useful?

4 healthy and curative benefits of lettuce

Benefits of lettuce oil for the skin

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