Benefits of milk salt for the face

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Benefits of milk salt for the face – “Contents1 milk salt1.1 Benefits of milk salt for the face1.2 How to use milk salt for the face1.3 Milk salt at homeMilk saltMilk salt is one of the important cosmetic products that it is recommended to use permanently, because it contributes to the effective opening of leather pores, because it gives body and attractiveness, and it can also be used for many dark areas of the body AS: Knees, elbows, underarms and face and many others, and in this article we will talk about its benefits for the face, how to use it, in addition to how to prepare it at home in an easy and safe way and using simple ingredients.Benefits of milk salt for the faceIt increases the freshness and radiance of the face.The face gets rid of dead cells, thus helping to replenish its cells.It helps to nourish the cells of the face, due to its ability to actively stimulate blood circulation.Get rid of cellulite.Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.It helps relax facial muscles.Cleanses the face of toxins and dirt that accumulate.It reduces the appearance of acne and scars.Helps provide the face with the important vitamins and elements it needs; for it contains vitamin E in abundance.The face is effect

1.1 Benefits of milk salt for the face

ively applied.It helps to open the closed pores in the face.The face opens up.It helps to moisturize the face.It increases the elasticity of the face.It reduces the drying of the face, especially in the fall.Reduces redness and sensitivity of the face.How to use milk salt for the faceWash your face well with warm water to get rid of the dirt on it.Put a small amount of milk salt, along with a moisturizing facial liquid in a bowl and mix them, then apply the mixture on the dark and dusky areas of the face and massage it in circular motions for at least five minutes.Wash the face with lukewarm water to get rid of the effects of milk salt.Put a moisturizer on the face to increase its softness.Put some rose water on a clean, sterile cotton pad and wipe the face well for five minutes, as rose water helps close open pores and gives the face a refreshing smell.Remarks:It is not best to use milk salt for people with sensitive skin; Because it leads to redness and irritation.It can be used to exfoliate the body by following the same steps.It is best to use it at least once a month.Making milk salt at homeIngredients:One cup of sea salt, preferably a medium roughness.Three tablespoons of pow

1.2 How to use milk salt for the face

dered milk.1 tablespoon of lavender oil, or can be replaced by coconut oil.Five capsules on the ground of vitamin E.How to prepare:Put sea salt, milk powder in a bowl and mix the ingredients.Add ground vitamin E and lavender oil while continuing to mix until the ingredients are homogeneous.Pour sea salt into a glass jar, then seal tightly until ready to use.Was the item useful?

1.3 Milk salt at home

Benefits of milk salt for the face

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