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Benefits of milk salt – ” Contents1 milk salt2 Benefits of milk salt3 How to use milk salt4 How to make milk salt at home5 referencesMilk saltMilk salt is a cosmetic preparation in which the body link is designed to get rid of the layer of dead skin and give it freshness, radiance, softness and whiteness, and it is usually included in cosmetics for body care and the use of a weekly Bases and made it part of your routine, and milk salt consists of free salts, milk and vitamins that it helps to preserve and sparkle the skin of the skin, including vitamin E. [1] [1] [1] [2 ]]Milk salt is available with plastic bags and packages, and there are several types and different scents; Babaya, lavender and chamomile and lemon flower, which all give the same effect with the change of smell, including the natural type that has been seized no aromatic oil, and it can be purchased in cosmetic stores or pharmacies, and It should be noted that there are several brands, so it is advisable, it is advisable to make sure it is purchased from a reliable source. [1]Benefits of milk saltIt shows what comes a set of benefits that can be provided by the use of milk salt, but it should be noted that it still needs scientific studie

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s: [1] [3]It works as a natural case for the body; It helps to reduce impurities and dead thread residues and renews the growth of skin cells.It stimulates blood circulation and helps to preserve the skin of the skin, and it gives it freshness and radiance.Increases the skin’s moisture, softness and radiance.It helps to brighten the skin with continued use.It can be considered sterile and antiseptic by salts, and the body gains a refreshing scent.It helps to nourish the skin and skin with vitamins added to the milk, which protects against the formation of signs of aging that appears on the skin.It can help to relax if a tablespoon of it is placed in the bathtub.How to use milk saltThe following points show steps to use milk salt: [1] [2]Suprised your body to a slightly warm water that; Until it is prepared for the process.Place some milk salt in the comfort of your hands and distribute it to your body or the areas you want to lighten.Leave milk salt on for five minutes, then begin massaging with circular and accompanied movements for five minutes.Wash your body well with warm water.Put any body moisturizer, preferring to use children’s oil, because it keeps the body moist for a lon

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g time, and you can also spray rose water as a side for the body.In addition to the above steps, milk salt can be mixed with shower gel if your skin is sensitive or mix an equal amount of milk salt and baby oil. [1]How to make milk salt at homeIt shows what comes the components and how to prepare milk salt at home: [1]ingredients1 cup of rough sea salt, and it is used alone by adding it to the bathtub to stimulate blood circulation, reduce negative energy, stimulate the body and rid it of tension and fatigue.1 cup of any type of powdered milk you prefer.5 Capsules of vitamin E.1 tablespoon of any aromatic oil, such as; Lavender, lavender, jasmine, lemon flower, orange flower and rose to preparePut the amount of salt in a bowl and add the amount of milk and stir the ingredients.Use a sterile needle to make a bag with capsules and empty its content on the other two ingredients.Add the aromatic oil that you prefer and stir the materials well until they mix.Put milk salt in a beautiful sealed glass set.the reviewerWas the item useful?

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Benefits of milk salt

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