Benefits of nigella oil for the face

1 Nigellasty Oil

Benefits of nigella oil for the face – ” Contents1 Nigellasty oil2 Benefits of Nigella oil for the face3 Uses of nigellast oil for the face4 The benefits of the general blessing5 ReferencesNigella sativa oilBlack love or drums, often known as black cumin, is derived from a plant found in the Mediterranean basin, and it has been used to reduce many diseases and make medicine, and the seeds of the pond grain are white located inside a capsule suspended on the plant, when exposed to the sun, it turns into black color, and the importance of Nigella oil comes from containing a substance called (English: thymoquinone); It is a compound with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. [1]Benefits of Nigella oil for the faceMany studies have created the benefits related to oil pill, and some of these benefits come: [2] [3]Reduce acne and block poresWhere studies have shown that nigella oil has anti-bacterial and inflammatory properties, which in turn reduce pore blockage and control skin oils, and it may also have a role in calming facial irritation and redness.Reduce the symptoms of agingIt has been found that Nigella oil contains many vitamins and minerals; it is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and B vitamins, which in turn h

2 The benefits of nigella oil for the face

elps the skin to maintain flexibility and moisture, and reduces the possibility of free radical damage that can cause age, and wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth and front appear.Reduce the symptoms accompanying eczemaAs Nigella oil has been clearly reduced from eczema, some studies have created that people who adhered to the use of Nigella who have eczema noticed a rapid improvement in the hands when placed on the hands twice a day for a period of four weeks.It speeds up the wound healing processDue to the antioxidant contained in Nigella oil, it can improve the growth of body tissues and thus speed up the wound healing process, but most of the studies conducted on this benefit have been done on animals, so more studies are needed for humans.Uses of Nigella oil for the faceNigella sativa can be used in many ways; It can be taken in the form of capsules with a doctor’s prescription, or to apply it topically to get the maximum benefit of the skin, and Nigella oil can go into massage oils, shampoos, skin care products, household perfumes, etc., but in particular, it can be used for the skin in many ways, while the most important uses of topical pill oil for the face come: [2] [

3 Uses of Nigellast Oil for the face

3]SQUARE to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.Camsk to relieve facial spots and scars.Camsk to get rid of acneAs a moisturizer and open skin.As a cleanser for dead skin.To find out if the skin is sensitive to nigella oil, a little oil should be applied to the skin of the hand and left for 15 minutes, and the case of red spots or a tingling sensation, it is best to stop using it , as it is advisable to put it on in the evening, because of the presence of vitamin A, which makes it sensitive to the sun. [1] [2]Benefits of the general blessingNigellasty oil contains many unsaturated amino acids and fatty acids and vitamin A, and thus offers the body many benefits, the most important of which are: [3]Skin care.Reducing the possibility of respiratory diseases.Purifying the body of toxins.Improving the immune system.Strengthening the hair, increasing its density.Reducing the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.Nigellasty oil is used to accelerate the healing of wounds.Reduce back pain and rheumatism.the reviewerWas the article useful?

4 The benefits of general blessing oil

Benefits of nigella oil for the face

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