Benefits of olive oil for the face

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Benefits of olive oil for the face – ” Contents1 olive oil2 properties of olive oil and its benefits3 uses of olive oil4 olive oil for the face5 Video The benefits of olive oil6 referencesOlive oilOlive oil is an oil extracted from the assorted tree that God Almighty swore in his saying: “Figs and olives.” Olive oil has been mentioned in the Holy Quran once. . “” [Surat al -Nur: 35].The olive tree is one of the trees that belong to the family Olive, which is a perennial tree that lives for thousands of years evergreen, whose leaves do not fall in the autumn, its original homeland, Palestine, the Levant and the general of the Mediterranean basin and its branches are the symbol of peace and love.Properties and benefits of olive oilOlive oil at normal temperatures is yellow or green liquid.* Olive oil does not freeze at low temperatures.Olive oil is rich in highly saturated acids, so it is advisable to take it for heart patients and atherosclerosis, and helps reduce cholesterol in the blood.A small percentage of fatty acids and unsaturated multiple acids also.In olive oil, there are many antioxidants such as vitamin E, vitamin A and polyphenols.The dependence of olive oil is essential at the table and in the preparation

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of meals, it reduces the growth and reproduction of cancer cells because it contains folic acid because it also strengthens the human immune system and improves the digestion process. [1]Uses of olive oilOlive oil has entered many fields and is used in cooking and added to some dishes and salads, and in scientific research and preparation of medicines and medical and cosmetic preparations, and it is included in the manufacture of soaps, skin detergents, etc., and is also used in the home in the form of moisturizing oil for skin and hair. [2]Olive oilOlive oil is used for the face. It is also used for the rest of the body.Olive oil with coarse salt or coarse sugar to make the face peel off by rubbing this mixture, then wash it with warm water.Use olive oil as a natural makeup remover.Use a mixture of olive oil, egg whites and a little lemon and put on the face until it dries to give freshness and vitality to the face.Use olive oil to do a daily face massage for five minutes, as the face acquires the nutrients from the oil in addition to stimulating blood circulation, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles.Grease an area around the eyes with olive oil daily before bed to eliminate

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dark circles and revive the thin skin surrounding the eye. [3]The use of olive oil is an order from the Prophet of the nation to know its great benefit when used.Video of the benefits of olive oilTo learn more about the benefits of olive oil, watch the video.the reviewerWas the article useful?

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Benefits of olive oil for the face

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