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Benefits of option for eyes – ” Content1 option2 benefits of the eye option3 How to use the eye option4 The benefits of cucumberOptionThe option is a type of delicious fruit, and although its original homeland in Southeast Asia, it grows in many parts of the world, and the option is used to prepare different types of salads and pickles, and it also has external uses, such as Its use of the eyes or skin, and we will display in this article, the benefits of the option for the eyes, how to use it, in addition to its aesthetic benefits and for health.Benefits of the eye optionIt reduces eye swelling, as it contains acid and caffeine, which in turn reduces water retentionReduces eye stress, as it contains vitamin C, water, antioxidants and caffeic acid.It helps stimulate the skin around the eyes, giving it freshness and radiance.Reduce eye inflammation that causes bloating.Help relieve dark circles.Reduce the risk of wrinkles around the eyes.How to use the eye optionUse the Fruit optionCut the fruit option into circular slices.Put the cucumber pieces with ice cubes in a bowl.We put the cucumber slices on the eye area and about fifteen minutes.We replace the cucumber slices from time to time to remove the dirt.Use cu

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cumber juiceSqueeze a cucumber fruit, then add a little rose water.Soak a clean cotton ball in cucumber juice, then wipe around the eyes and entire face.Benefits of CucumberAesthetic benefitsIncreases hair growth and strengthening, as it contains silicon and sulfur.Treats sunburns resulting from prolonged exposure to the sun.It moisturizes the skin and increases its freshness and softness.Reduces freckles and skin spots.Close the large pores of the skin, after adding apple cider vinegar, honey or aloe vera extract to its juice and massage the skin with it.A suitable food for dieters, due to the low calories, as water constitutes 95% of it.Health benefitsIt regulates blood pressure, because it contains a percentage of sodium and many important minerals.It builds tissues, bones, muscles, cartilage, ligaments and tendons, because of its high silicon content.It regulates body temperature.It works as a diuretic, which relieves the body of toxic substances, waste and kidney stones.Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and reduces cholesterol in the body, because it contains magnesium, fiber and potassium.It reduces stress and anxiety, as it contains pyridoxine, which in turn works a

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s a nerve sedative.Was the article helpful?

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Benefits of option for eyes

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