Benefits of oranges for the skin

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Benefits of oranges for the skin – ” Contents1 orange2 benefits of oranges for the skin3 benefits of therapeutic oranges for the body4 referencesOrangeOranges are a common fruit, and it is known as a rich source of vitamin C, and many are treated in order to prevent cold and flu symptoms, in addition to that, oranges maintain the health of the skin according to what many researchers And doctors see. Oranges contain many vitamins and nutrients, but oranges can not be considered an alternative to medical treatment. [1]Benefits of oranges for the skinOranges can offer the skin many benefits because it is an excellent source of vitamin C, and for this, eating it and applying it to the skin, whether using its scale or its juice, benefits the skin considerably. Among the most important benefits of oranges for the skin: [2]Get a healthy skin: it fights antioxidants in the oranges free radicals, thus preventing aging faster.Treat dark spots and skin drawbacks: orange peels can be dried in the sun, then grind them to prepare the powder from the orange peel and use it as skin to get rid of dark spots, and that is by mixing the powder with milk and apply it to the face.Treatment of acne: The orange can treat this problem, than

2 benefits of oranges for the skin

ks to its citric acid containing that dries the acne, and the orange peel contains a large amount of dietary fiber that regulates the stool and thus eliminating toxins in the body, and this prevents acne from appearing. Ground orange peel can be used to treat acne and make a mask in the form of a paste that is applied to the face, and with this method used regularly, a clear decrease in the number of pills and their effects will be noted.Skin whitening: peeling the skin with orange is a natural whitening method for the skin, and it is also important to protect the skin from harmful sunlight.Anti-aging: vitamin C improves the complexion and tissues, as it contributes to the secretion of collagen in the body, which is important to tighten the skin and prevent signs of premature aging, in addition to the presence of antioxidants that fight against free radicals in the skin, which prevents its sagging.Elimination of pimples: the prepared mask of orange skin, get rid of the skin of blackheads, and this mask can be prepared by mixing orange ground milk, then applying the mask to the skin, with a massage in gentle circular motions, and after 15 years Proceedings The face is washed with wa

3 Benefits of the therapeutic orange for the body

rm water, this method not only eliminates the skin of blackheads, but also removes the oils and dirt that block the pores of the skin.Hydration of the skin: the nutrients available in oranges keep the oils produced by the skin to maintain its hydration, and this is important for those who have dry skin and it offers the skin the beautiful healthy look and freshness required.Get rid of skin discoloration: a spray can be prepared for the face consisting of orange peels to get rid of the dull color of the skin, or by applying a quantity of orange juice in a box of ice cubes and massaging the face with these cubes, to cleanse and lighten it, and get rid of their pale color, and this method opens the pores of the face, it helps to control the amount of oils secreted through pores in the skin.Tune the brightness and shine of the skin: In this way, boiling water can be poured on the orange peels, instead of drying it and crushing it, and left overnight, and in the morning, this liquid is strained, and using a piece of cotton, the liquid is distributed on the face, and after drying the face, and it will notice that the face has become brighter and shinier.Benefits of therapeutic orange for

the bodyWhile the most important health benefits of oranges for the body come:[3]It improves the immunity of the body, thanks to its containment of vitamin C, to improve the immune system, as this vitamin promotes the production of white blood cells that fight viruses, bacteria and others.Renew the skin cells due to the presence of vitamin C, in addition to the presence of anti-oxidant substances that resist damage caused by exposure to sunlight and environmental pollution, and this vitamin contributes to the production of collagen that improves the elasticity of the skin and reduces wrinkles.Oranges contain pectin which reduces harmful cholesterol in the body, and this substance is a soluble fiber, which is locked in harmful cholesterol and raises the body, because it contains flavonone which reduces cholesterol and blood pressure.In maintaining heart health, orange is rich in important antioxidants and minerals such as potassium and other important nutrients for arterial health, which also protects the body from free radicals.It protects the body from rheumatoid arthritis. According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it was found that drinking on

e cup of fresh orange juice daily reduces the risk of rheumatoid arthritis.It improves the breathing process, and it is by boiling orange peels and eating one cup a day, and that is when one of the respiratory diseases, and this drink reduces bad breath. [2]It protects against cancer, because oranges contain a boat that fights cancer, such as colon cancer, lung cancer and skin cancer, and it also protects cells from free radical damage. [2]The brain grows because it properly contains folic acid which is important for brain health and growth. [2]It protects against kidney stones because vitamin C is very beneficial for kidney health and reduces the risk of stone formation.It contributes to additional weight loss, because its high fiber content and vitamin C, it feels full for some time during the day.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Benefits of oranges for the skin

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