Benefits of pomegranate peeling

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Benefits of pomegranate peeling – ” Contents1 pomegranate1.1 The benefits of pomegranate skin1.2 The benefits of pomegranate peel1.3 Pomegranate lotion recipesPomegranateThe fruit of the pomegranate contains many nutrients, and its health benefits are countless. This fruit has been known for a long time, and God Almighty has mentioned it in the Holy Quran in many citizens, and the person may ignore the pomegranate peel and its benefits Despite the abundance of anti-oxidants that contain more than the pulp itself.Benefits of pomegranate skinAmong the benefits of pomegranate skin, it is effective against heart disease because of the protection of cholesterol from oxidation, fighting and eliminating toxins from the body, and pomegranate peel is rich in vitamin C, which helps to heal tissues, scars and wounds, as it is useful for the body cartilage, bones, teeth, getting rid of bad breath and coughing treatment if used as a gargater; Because it relieves sore throat, because it maintains the moisture of the skin cells, protects them from dryness, because it protects against sunlight, skin cancer, maintains the health of the hair, protects it from the shell of the head, fights aging and wrinkles of the Face, as the woman

1.1 The benefits of pomegranate peel

recommends to restrict the vagina, in the industrial fields, pomegranate peel is used in the manufacture of toothpaste and in leather tanning.Benefits of pomegranate peelOne of the most important benefits of pomegranate peeling is the treatment of gynecological diseases; The most important of them: shrink the vagina, which develops as a result of repeated birth and cleaning the sensitive area of women.Recipes for pomegranate peelingPomegranate poel with ground grinder: mix pomegranate comb after grinding it as a soft powder with soil, preferably Indonesian alum, Indian pour, coarse salt and pigeon stem, and these ingredients are placed in water, and then put the fire to boil well, and once the water is warm, add the amount of other of these ingredients to the water, mix until it melts, and during the shower, the vaginal area is washed from the outside with this wash, and this process is repeated once a month.Bubbling pomegranate: add a cup of ground pomegranate peel in a liter of water, and put the fire until it boils well, and after boiling, it is a little left until it cools down, then filter well and put a clean spray can and put a clean spray can , Sprinkle the vaginal area fr

1.2 The benefits of pomegranate peeling

om the outside, then remove with warm water ten minutes before marital intercourse, and it warns against using the pomegranate comb lotion if there are allergies and infections in the vaginal area.Note: Some people avoid spraying the vagina from the inside; In order not to eliminate the beneficial bacteria in the vagina, so as not to cause infections, severe bleeding or injury in the vaginal area, as well as use it during the postpartum period after birth or during the menstrual cycle.Was the item helpful?

1.3 Pomegranate lotion recipes

Benefits of pomegranate peeling

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