Benefits of rice for the skin

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Benefits of rice for the skin – ” Contents1 Rice2 The benefits of rice for the skin3 rice recipes for the skin4 Rice water to tighten skin pores5 referencesriceThe cedar is one of the grassy plants, which grow in the form of a spice, which reaches an eighty centimeters, and it is likely that the origin of rice comes from the Republic of China, from where it spread to all parts of the world , where rice at present is one of the staples of our lives, especially in the field of cooking, but what some people are unaware of is that rice is an aesthetic importance that surpasses the importance of some powders and chemicals. [1] [2] , and in this article we will explain its importance for the skin in general.Benefits of rice for the skinThere are many benefits of rice for the skin, including:[3]Treating skin problems related to the appearance of pimples and acne, as well as irritation and redness of the skin.It contains antioxidants, which will delay the appearance of signs of aging, whether from melasma, pigmentation or wrinkles.Treat the problems of dark circles under the eye, as well as dark areas around the mouth, and even it can be used to get rid of dark areas under the armpit or sensitive areas.Provide the skin w

2 The benefits of rice for the skin

ith freshness and vitality, as well as get rid of pallor and fatigue.Treat the problem of open-faced pores, which lead to the accumulation of dirt, and thus to skin infections and ulcers.Treat sunburn, shine from this problem and work to even out skin color.Get rid of dead skin cells by exfoliation, so that the skin becomes more fluid in texture.Cleaning the skin of dust or the effects of makeup, and is therefore an alternative to the use of chemical powders.It contains many nutrients, the most important of which are vitamins, which nourish the skin.Brighten the color of the skin and make it white.Rice recipes for the skinThere are many cosmetic recipes that rice goes into, including the following: [4]Cedar mixture to exfoliate the body: this mixture is prepared using half a cup of raw rice, with half a cup of coarse white sugar, add a tablespoon of white multipurpose flour, with a similar amount of coconut oil, with eight teaspoons Natural honey, where this mixture is used immediately before bathing, rubbing the body with gentle circular motions for a few minutes, and then washing it with cold water.Mixture of cedar to whiten the dark places: this mixture is prepared by mixing a q

3 rice recipes for the skin

uantity of ground white rice, with an appropriate amount of olive oil and massaging the dark places with it daily and for a week.Mixture of cedar to clean the skin: it is used in this mixture a quantity of water soaking rice, with a quantity of sour lemon juice, and it should be noted that the ground rice is soaked overnight in a quantity of heat, not cold water, to extract the starch and useful materials, water and lemon mix in the refrigerator for at least an hour before use.Mixture of cedar with honey: where a tablespoon of ground rice is mixed, with a similar amount of natural honey, in addition to half a tablespoon of lemon juice, and the same of orange juice, where this mask is applied to the face for half an hour, washed with cold water, and it is not recommended to use it by those who have sensitive skin.Mixture of cedar with milk: which is prepared by mixing a cup of ground rice coffee, with a tablespoon of liquid milk and a teaspoon of glycerin cream, and put it on the skin for thirty minutes before washing it, and this mask is not used for people with oily skin.Rice water to tighten the pores of the skinRice water tightens the pores and is full of acidity levels in the s

4 rice water to tighten the pores of the skin

kin, but before knowing how the skin pores, the types of problems caused by open and large pores should be known, which are youthful love, blackheads , and common problems in oily skin, and how the recipe is:[5]ingredients:Rice water.How to prepare:Reduce the rice water with an equal amount of water.The cotton ball is soaked in the solution, then applied to the face.Leave the solution on the skin for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse off the water.For best results, this treatment is used every night after cleansing the face.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Benefits of rice for the skin

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