Benefits of rice soaked for the skin

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Benefits of rice soaked for the skin – ” Contents1 rice2 benefits of soaked rice for the skin3 How to make rice soaked4 Soaked rice recipes for the skin5 referencesriceRice is a major food in many parts of the world, especially Asian countries such as China and Japan, and what many people do not know the development of rice that results and remaining after boiling rice contains many nutrients, which can help improve the quality of the skin and hair, as rice is rich in minerals; antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins B, C and E. And rice water is the color of milk color, we get it after soaking the rice as we mentioned, and it can be diluted or concentrated to benefit the skin or hair, and Asian women have used it during the period of It’s time to take care of their beauty. In this article, we will learn more about the benefits for the skin. [1]Benefits of soaked rice for the skinCEDAR Water is one of the best elements to brighten and take care of the skin. While the most important benefits of rice water for the skin come:[2]It opens up the skin, makes it fresh, softened and makes it free from blemishes.It removes sun spots, skin blemishes, wrinkles and aging lines.It heals the skin from acne and reduces the resulting redne

2 benefits of rice soaked for the skin

ss; in fact, it contains antioxidants. And it is by soaking the rice water with a cotton ball and passing it over the skin.It removes impurities from the skin, reduces the size of pores and allows the skin to breathe.It is a natural toner for the skin: cedar water is a natural toner for the skin, tightening it and making it soft, by dipping a piece of cotton with rice water and then massaging the face with it, and the results will appear on the skin within a week.Skin whitening: Cedar water is more beneficial than many artificial cosmetics, and when used, it always suggests the skin, and makes it fresher, by massaging rice water using the fingertips and letting it dry in the air after a few minutes.Improved skin health: According to a skin study conducted at the University of Brussels, conducted on a group of patients suffering from skin infections, and they witnessed a great improvement after showering for 15 minutes in rice water twice a day. So rice water is useful for those who suffer from a skin rash.How to make rice soakedCedar water can be prepared in an easy way and does not need many steps. The method is:[2]Ingredients:Quantity of rice.A quantity of water.An appropriate am

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ount.A set of glass.Prepare a quantity of cooked rice and wash it in cold water, as it must be washed at least three times.Boil the rice until it is tender.Strain the rice from the water and pour the water into another bowl.Let the water cool, then store with a glass bowl, preparing to be used.instructions for use:Rice water is poured into a bowl.A piece of cotton is taken and soaked in rice water, then placed on the face and gently massage the face.Leave the face for a few minutes.Wash the face again with cold water, and he will notice that the skin has become fresher.Recipes for rice blendedTonerral rice recipe for the faceCedar water is a natural toner for the natural face or normal skin, and it makes rice water, the skin is fresh, clean and its plane is narrow, because it opens the skin with its daily use. And its method is:[3]ingredients :Half a cup of rice.One cup of water.Half a cup of rose water.Method:Soak the rice in water, until it is completely covered.Let it drain for 20 minutes, or until the water is disturbed, then filter the water from the rice.This water is placed with a glass packet, then add half a cup of rose water.Shake these two ingredients well and now use th

4 rice soaked recipes for the skin

em as a facial ink.Rice water lotion recipe for skinA great lotion for the skin can be obtained from rice, and the method is:[2]Method:Pour a quantity of rice water in a bowl.Take a cotton ball and soaked in rice water.The face is massaged with nice circular movements.Leave the face for a few minutes.Wash the face with cold water.Rice water recipe to peel and moisturize the skinThe rice mask moisturizes and exfoliates the skin, by preparing the following mask: [2]Ingredients:Half a cup of rice.Two cups of water.The rice is soaked with water and left soaked for half an hour.Is the rice water using the refinery.Soak a paper burst with rice water after making holes, then placed gently on the face.Otherwise:ingredients:A grain of small potatoes.A quantity of rice flour.A quantity of rice water.One paper towel.Method:Peel the potatoes, then advertise the cheese grater to extract the juice.Add a little rice flour to the potato juice and move well to a paste.Add three tablespoons of rice water and mix all.Gently put the mixture on the face with your fingertips and leave it for 20 minutes.Wash the face with cold water, then dry, then moisturizethe reviewerWas the article useful?

Benefits of rice soaked for the skin

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