Benefits of Sidr for the skin

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Benefits of Sidr for the skin – ” Contents1 SADR2 The importance of Sidr for the skin3 Benefits of SiDR for the skin4 SiDR agents are healthy5 SiDR recipes for the skin6 referencesSadirSidr or (earth), and its scientific name (in English Jujube, Christ Thorn) [1], trees that can reach several meters in length, or can be small bushes, and spread in desert areas, and they are present in different Parts of the world, especially in the Al -arabi homeland, and Sidar tree is one of the fruitful trees, because it provides us with delicious small fruits. These fruits can be used, and the SiDR leaves can also be used; All contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and salts, and anyone who knows that this plant is indispensable; Because it has a lot of health and aesthetic benefits, whether eating its parts or preparing it as an external mask placed on the skin, and it has a lot of benefits to treat skin problems. [2]The importance of Sidr for the skinSiDR is of great importance to improve the skin and give it the required freshness; As the leaves have been used since the earliest cleaning of the skin and their treatment of problems, through the use of Sidr leaves with the natural recipes of the skin, cosmetic creams can be dis

2 The importance of Sidr for the skin

tributed and SiDR leaves can be used after drying, grinding them and converting them into powder, and can be obtained ready from the fragrance, and the process of using them is to enjoy their benefits easily and you do not need much effort. [3]Benefits of Sidr for the skinThe benefits of SiDR are: [3]It opens the skin: by drying its leaves and then grinding it to become like powder, and using it instead of washing face daily, as it cleans the skin of dirt, chicken and oils that may gather there, and make it soft and make it soft and shiny because of the elements that contain it, and this method is used for skin and body skin.It treats acne: when you use it as a daily wash for the skin, especially the oily skin; It saves the acne and protects the skin from its appearance, because it contains sterile elements of the skin.It removes dark spots and blackheads: because it contains elements that sterilize the skin; When maintaining its use, it rids the skin of oils, and thus closes its pores, and removes black heads, because it is useful to get rid of the skin of oils by using it as a mask two hours before applying makeup.It tightens the skin and prevents the appearance of wrinkles: this

3 Benefits of Sidr for the skin

benefit shows its result when it continues to use it periodically.Peel the skin: removes dead skin cells after exfoliation and thus helps to renew them, and prevents oils and fats from coming out on the surface, and here sidr can be used with milk to increase its effectiveness.It makes the skin fresh: because it cleans the skin and makes it shiny and fresh.Health benefits of Sidr treeSome studies have shown that the SIDR tree is characterized by its high nutritional value; Its seeds are rich in protein, and their leaves are rich in calcium, iron and magnesium, and they are an important source of many vitamins and other minerals, which makes them offer many health and cosmetic benefits, and in general, the leaves and fruits of the Sidr plant offer many health benefits to the body [4], including: – [2]SiDR leaves and fruits help purify and filter the blood.SiDR leaves are useful in treating certain skin infections in the body, such as pimples or scabies.It treats respiratory diseases and is also relieved from stomatitis and gums.Effectively affect the stomach.It is useful in treating toothache and joint pain, as it reduces the body temperature, as it is painful and hypothetical.It s

4 The Sidr Agents Healthy Tree

trengthens the immunity of the body.SIDR fruit contains many minerals and vitamins, so it is recommended for a pregnant woman.Bees feed on the nectar of Sidr flowers, producing Sidr honey known for its many health and nutritional benefits, and it is also one of the most expensive types of honey in the world.Sidr recipes for the skinSidr and honey mixtureThis mixture is useful to purify the face and increase its freshness, which is: – [5]ingredientsOne tablespoon of finely chopped green sidr.1 tablespoon of milk powder.1 tablespoon of honey.Half a lemon juice.How to useAll the ingredients are placed in a deep bowl, then mixed together until a mixture forms like a paste, and a little water can be added to get the right mixture.Before applying the mixture to the skin, it is necessary to wash the face with warm water to help open the pores, then put the mixture in it, leave for half an hour, and then wash the face with warm water, and then with cold water.SiDR and yogurt mixtureThis recipe is useful for brightening and unifying the skin, tightening it and getting rid of wrinkles, which is:[6]ingredientsTwo tablespoons of sidr on the ground.Three tablespoons of cold yogurt.Two tablespoo

ns of honey.One spoonful of rose water.How to useAll the ingredients of the mixture are placed in a deep bowl, then they are all mixed well, to get a thick mixture then apply to the skin, and let it dry completely, then the face is washed with warm water without soap, and The difference will be observed and it is recommended to use it twice a week.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Benefits of Sidr for the skin

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