Benefits of sleep early for the skin

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Benefits of sleep early for the skin – “Contents1 sleep2 benefits of early sleep for the skin3 benefits of early sleep for the body4 tips for early sleep5 referencessleepSleep is one of the important and main functions of the health of the body; Where its importance is no less important than the importance of eating healthy, exercise and the difference in sleep habits and its quality is due to the daily lifestyle, and the environment around the individual, as these factors affect the number of daily hours of which hours The individual takes sleep, and it is worth noting that people are in the past, they have been more sleep, for the various reasons previously mentioned. Sleep has many benefits for the body and skin, because its benefits are reflected on the skin to appear in a healthy and beautiful appearance, and this is what will be known in this article. [1]Benefits of early sleep for the skinThere are many benefits that sleep adds early to the skin, and these benefits are as follows: [2]Renewal of skin cells: skin cells are regenerated during sleep, especially between the eleventh and twelve hours in the middle of the night, where many studies have been conducted that have proven that the cell division that occurs i

2 Benefits of early sleep for the skin

n the skin cells renews and repair is more severe during sleep.Take advantage of skin care products: it is recommended to use anti-aging creams at night, including those containing retinol and glycolic acid, to ensure maximum benefits to the skin, in addition to the fact that the active substances of these compounds interact with the sun during the day, causing irritation and sensitivity to the skin.Reduce the loss of moisture from the skin: the production of oil in the skin is usually the midday period, and it decreases at night, and this is produced by losing water from the skin, or what is called (losing water on the skin), which leads to its dryness; Therefore, it is recommended to use moisturizers at night; To maintain the moisture of the skin and combat its dryness.Give the skin a break from stress: it reduces a sufficient sleep of the cortisol hormone levels in the skin, or what is known (tension hormone), which results from stress and tension during the day, which leads to a charged skin, and swelling around the eyes.Protect the skin from acne: it causes both stress and tension infections to the skin, which leads to the appearance of acne on it; Therefore, it is advisable t

3 Benefits of early sleep for the body

o take enough sleep to get comfortable to protect the skin and reduce skin problems that can affect it.Treatment of pigmentation and dark spots: it is recommended to use whitening creams, or those that contain rhinoine at night before going to bed; To combat the problems caused by harmful UV rays on the skin, which enhances the production of melanin dye, to cause dark spots and pigmentation on the skin.Benefits of early sleep for the bodyEarly sleep has many health benefits for the body, including:[1]Preventing obesity: Some studies have proven that there is an inverse relationship between the number of hours of sleep, obesity in children and adults; As these people suffer from weight more than others due to lack of sufficient sleep, because lack of sleep affects hormones and causes weakness in the regulation of appetite, which leads to weight gain.Improving concentration, productivity and performance of the individual: lack of sleep negatively affects the functions of the brain, as a good sleep is enhanced memory performance, its strength for children and adults.Promotion of sports performance: a long sleep improves the sports performance of the individual, sleep improves speed, a

4 tips for sleeping early

ccuracy and reaction times for athletes, in addition to improving their mental health.Impact on metabolism, glucose and diabetes: sleep affects blood sugar levels and reduces insulin sensitivity; poor sleep habits negatively affect blood sugar levels. People who sleep less than six hours a day are more likely to develop diabetes than others.Development of social skills: Lack of sleep affects social relationships and emotional response with people; Sleep-deprived people suffer from poor ability to identify anger and happiness in others.Improved immune function: Good sleep improves at least eight hours a day of immune system health, in addition to improving the body’s ability to resist colds.Improve sex life: lack of sleep in men negatively affects the secretion of testosterone; One of the studies also proved that 26% of people tend to be a sexual life due to severe fatigue. [3]Reduce pain: get enough sleep is a reason to reduce pain and reduce the feeling. [3]Reducing the risk of traffic accidents: because sufficient sleep improves driving skills in cars, which reduces the risk of traffic accidents. [3]Early sleep tipsThere are a number of things that help with early sleep. Includin

g:[4]Be aware of the number of hours the body needs from sleep: adults need seven and a half to eight and a half hours of sleep per day, while children who are older than five need eighteen to two hours of sleep daily.Avoid stimulants and depression: avoiding coffee, or caffeine and nicotine products at bedtime, while avoiding the use of drugs that stimulate the ability to sleep as long; Because its long-term use can weaken the memory, motor skills of the individual and disable the sleep style.Avoid eating a lot at night: making sure to eat the last meal two hours ago, or three hours before bedtime; Because eating a heavy meal at night makes sleep a difficult task.Avoid exercising near bedtime: sports lead to the scoring and stimulation of the body’s motor performance, which makes it difficult to go to bed early.Reduce naps: avoiding long benefits that are more than half an hour and make sure not to take it soon of bedtime.Control of lighting: Because the amount of light affects the pattern of the sleep process; therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the lights decrease at night, to be able to sleep early.Wear sunglasses when sleeping: the glasses reduce the light on the eyes, w

hich helps to feel sleepy and desire to sleep.Avoid electronic devices while sleeping: such as television, computer and smartphones; indeed, blue light stimulates the body to stay awake and disrupts sleep.Wear colored or orange glasses: because of their ability to block the color of the eyes and feel sleepy.Create an environment suitable for sleep: in order to prepare the body and mind for early sleep by applying daily maps of things at night, such as reading books, taking a warm bath, listening to music or taking a hot drink that helps relax and feel sleepy, such as chamomile that calms the nerves.Make the room an appropriate place to relax: making sure the bed and other sleeping supplies are comfortable, as well as the possibility of using earplugs or any other tool to help sleep.Go to bed when you feel tired: even if it’s a simple nap.Ask for help to the specialist: resorting to ask for medical help to specialized professionals in front of serious problems that prevent the ability to sleep.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Benefits of sleep early for the skin

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