Benefits of spinal pear oil for the face

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Benefits of spinal pear oil for the face – ” Contents1 Spinal pear oil2 How to extract prickly pear oil3 Benefits of spinal pear oil for the face4 Use of spinal pear oil for face5 Benefits of general spinal pear oil6 How to store prickly pear oilPrickly pear oilPrickly pear oil is the oil extracted from solid pear seeds, which is 100% natural, high quality, yellow, green and sticky, used in many natural facial care mixtures as a basic ingredient, because it contains a high percentage of vitamin B5 and essential sebaceous acids, omega -6, antioxidants and many essential minerals, and spinal lein oil is considered a rare and valuable oil because it is safe and contains no colors, preservatives or chemicals that harm the skin in the skin in the skin in the skin in the long term.How to Extract Beard Fig OilThe oil is extracted from prickly pear seeds mechanically by cold pressing without the use of solvents, and about 30 kilograms of seeds are consumed to produce about one liter of prickly pear oil.Benefits of Prickly Pear Oil for the faceSuitable for all skin types.It fights aging, delays the appearance of wrinkles and removes fine lines from the face.It gives freshness, vitality and youthfulness to the face, and protects it f

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rom harmful sunlight.It effectively moisturizes the skin, protects it from dryness and relieves it from dark spots.Four the face, renew the cells and give it flexibility.It prevents the formation of dark circles around the eyes.It treats skin blemishes, acne and effects.It prevents the growth and spread of free radicals.Redness reduces sunlight.It softens the skin, seizes large pores, tightens the skin and prevents sagging.Using spinal pear oil for the facePut two to three drops of oil on your fingertips before going to bed.Apply the oil to the face, taking into account the massage, around the eyes, lips and wrinkles.Leave the oil on the skin overnight.Benefits of general spinal pear oilReduces high blood pressure.It reduces the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood, thus fighting atherosclerosis.It improves the strength of bones, teeth and joints; It contains calcium.It calms the nerves.It reduces weight, improves the feeling of satiety during long periods; It contains fiber.It regulates digestion and is easy to digest fatty meals.The mouth is rid of bad smells.It activates the stomach and intestinal wall, treats constipation and cleanses the digestive system from harmful wast

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e.Four the hair follicles, increase its strength and reduce its hair loss.It treats and moisturizes the scalp problems.It gives vitality to the hair, shines and prevents the ends of the ends.How to store prickly pear oilPrickly pear oil remains suitable for two years from the date of its production, so it is advisable to store the oil in a cool, dark place away from light or sunlight; to prevent its oxidation and its benefit of its properties.Was the article useful?

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Benefits of spinal pear oil for the face

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