Benefits of sports for the skin

1 get rid of acne

Benefits of sports for the skin – “Contents1 Get rid of acne2 Get rid of wrinkles3 Increase skin glow and vitality4 Get rid of chronic skin problems5 ReferencesGet rid of acneExercise and regular workouts help improve blood circulation, thus nourishing the skin, and increasing the flow of blood and oxygen, as plastic surgeon and Dr. Mauro C Rometta says that exercise helps rid the skin of toxins in addition to sweating cleanses the pores of the skin, which helps get rid of acne, this is due to the ability to sweat to correct the hormonal imbalance that causes young love for adults, [1] Exercise also helps relieve stress, reduce the level of cortisol hormone in the Blood, and thus get rid of sebum that causes clogged pores in the skin, and sweat is saved from oils and chemicals that accumulate in these pores, which reduces skin infections and young love. [2]Get rid of wrinklesSports help maintain healthy levels of the hormone cortisol, which is associated with stress that causes sebum in the skin, and the breakdown of collagen in the skin, where the dermatologist sherber says that the breakdown of collagen causes the appearance of wrinkles and skin and skin and skin fall, and According to the doctor and physicist Am

2 Get rid of wrinkles

y Dixon, exercise supports the production collagen, through which the freshness and elasticity of the skin can be maintained. [1]Increase skin’s glow and vitalitySport helps the skin to glow by increasing the oxidized blood flow, nourishing and preserving the skin, because of the blood from the blood to the body’s food cells, including the skin, and the supply of oxygen helps the blood flow that relieves the residues of the products in the roots of the working cells, where the sport helps to clean the body from the inside by removing the residues of the body cells. [3]Get rid of chronic skin problemsExercise helps to relieve chronic skin diseases and problems such as eczema and psoriasis, because exercise reduces the level of cortisol in the skin, and a long jog can be practiced as a treatment for these conditions, and exercise also helps to increase blood circulation and provide oxygen , Increased collagen production, in addition to renewing the skin cells. [4]the reviewerWas the article helpful?

3 Increase the glow and vitality of the skin

4 Get rid of chronic skin problems

Benefits of sports for the skin

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