Benefits of starch and vaseline for the skin

1 Starch and Vaseline

Benefits of starch and vaseline for the skin – ” Contents1 starch and petroleum jelly2 benefits of starch and vaseline for the skin3 starch and vaseline cream works4 Benefits of Vaseline5 The benefits of starch in generalStarch and VaselineThe mixture of starch and petroleum jelly is one of the main masks used in recipes and natural mixtures, because these two components are normal and do not cause harmful side effects, in addition to their great benefits for countless skin, which every woman seeks to Get for a beautiful and healthy skin free of defects.Benefits of Starch and Vaseline for the skinThe benefits of the effectiveness of starch and petroleum jelly increase if they are mixed together, and the greatest benefit of this mixture lies in lightening the color of the skin, unifying its color and removing them from dark spots, and here we mention the components of this mask and how to use it.The work of starch and Vaseline creamthe ingredientsTwo teaspoons of starch.1 tablespoon of petroleum jelly.One teaspoon of rose water.the way to prepareThe previous ingredients are mixed well with each other until it produces a firm cream, preferably not sticky or very heavy, and it is preferable before using this cream to wash the face

2 Benefits of starch and vaseline for the skin

well with warm water, then pass a piece of ice on the face, Put the cream on the face and leave it for a few hours, and she can put it at any time of the day or night, wash the face with warm water first and then with cold water, and it is preferable to use this cream after day, and the results will be observed after a period ranging from three to five weeks.Benefits of VaselineVaseline is a fatty substance commonly used to moisturize the skin and protect it from dryness and cracking, and it is safe to use, whether for adults or children and has no side effects, as it has many benefits for the skin because it moisturizes and protects it from dehydration, cleanses it by removing impurities and prevents redness of the skin, calms the skin after hair removal and has an effect in eliminating the effects of simple burns, in addition to using it as a substitute for makeup remover in The absence of it, and has also demonstrated its effectiveness in whitening the areas of the elbow and knee.The advantages of starch in generalStarch is a white powder that results from grinding dried corn seeds, and one of its most famous advantages is that it does not have the property of melting in water,

3 Work of starch and vaseline cream

and it has no taste or smell, and starch is used to prepare some dishes and sweets, and it is also used for cosmetic purposes, and the starch has great benefits that can not be limited to the body as a whole and on the skin in particular; It is used in the exfoliation and moisturizing of the skin, removing skin and dead cells, as it has a role in whitening the skin and brightening and unifying its color and eliminating dark spots from the face, and helps tighten the face and reduce wrinkles and signs of aging, in addition to its effective role in cleaning the skin of toxins, impurities and shrunken facial pores, and calming them after removing the hair by reducing their inflammation.Was the article useful?

4 Benefits of Vaseline

Benefits of starch and vaseline for the skin

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