Benefits of turmeric food for the skin

1 Benefits of turmeric food for the skin

Benefits of turmeric food for the skin – ” Contents1 benefits of turmeric food for the skin2 referencesBenefits of turmeric for the skinTreat certain skin diseasesTurmeric helps protect the skin by getting rid of free radicals and disrupted cells, and it is worth noting that turmeric can increase the level of immunity against diseases that affect the skin. [1]Reduce signs of skin stretchingTurmeric can help reduce the signs of skin stretching, as it contains antioxidants that improve the function of cells on the surface of the skin, and it can be used by preparing a paste consisting of a teaspoon of olive oil with a teaspoon of turmeric And a little fresh lemon juice, and then rub the affected area with the mixture twice a day only. [2]Moisturizing dry skinTurmeric helps moisturize the skin and remove dead cells, making the skin healthy, brighter and beautiful, as it protects the skin from further damage that may occur, and can benefit from the hydration resulting from turmeric by adding it to food or tea, and It should be noted that moisturizing creams that contains turmeric are very useful. [2]Controlling the signs of agingSome researchers conducted a study in 2009 to find out whether karscapa should protect the skin fr

om UV rays, and they found that the use of turmeric twice a day helps to attenuate the density of the skin, reduces its harmful flexibility and reduces the possibility of wrinkles resulting from exposure to UV rays for a period of time. [3]Cellular regeneration and wound careTurmeric’s properties help regenerate cells and treat wounds, according to a study published in 2013 AD. cells. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

Benefits of turmeric food for the skin

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