Benefits of turmeric for whitening

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Benefits of turmeric for whitening – ” Contents1 Turmeric for the body2 Aesthetic benefits of turmeric3 blends to brighten the body and face with turmeric body4 referencesTurmericTurmeric is known as the aromatic turmeric as it is called the Aracraclac, which is a pharmaceutical prophecy that has a leg and a ground, because its leg is characterized by its pleasant smell, and it is prescribed to treat chronic skin diseases resulting from the lack of purity of blood, and is used as a medicine and a cosmetic body to care for adults and children, where it is mixed with milk to wash the child’s body, and turmeric is different from normal turmeric in smell and taste, and the uses of each differ from the other, where ordinary turmeric is used to improve the taste of food as a kind of spice, and turmeric body is used as a cosmetic product, and it is characterized by its pleasure, and is used as a kind of medicine in India and China. [1]Cosmetic benefits of turmericIt works to whiten, lighten and remove dark spots from the face and all parts of the body, as it removes spots, freckles, melasma and pimples from the face, and is used to lighten the knees and elbows in particular. [2]Mixture to lighten the body and face with the h

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elp of turmeric bodyFrom these blends, we mention the following: [3]Mix rose water with turmeric, then grease the place you want gently, and leave it for half an hour, then wash it with warm water, and you can use this mixture daily.Gently sprinkle the soap with bay leaf, then add a glass of rose water and leave overnight until the soap dissolves in the rose water, and in the morning add the seats and liquid glycerin, and oils in addition to two tablespoons of curcumars and fix the box and mix the ingredients in the electric blender, and you can keep the mixture the result in a tightly closed jar in the refrigerator, when using, put the mixture on all the places you want to lighten and remove the skin Blemishes from them for two hours, then make peeling for your body using coarse salt and lemon, put coarse salt and lemon on the latto, then rub your whole body with.Use the same ingredients of the previous mixture with a different amount of olive oil by applying four tablespoons of it, in addition to Vaseline and white henna, put these ingredients in a bowl and mix them and then put them on your body and leave it On your body and face for two to four hours, then take a shower with Si

3 mixtures to lighten the body and face using turmeric body

dr, it works on softening and filtering the skin, mixing it with warm water to become soap, and rub your body and face with it, and the Sidr Can be replaced by bay soap.Mix olive oil with turmeric and put it around your eyes, to get rid of dark circles around the eye and signs of fatigue.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Benefits of turmeric for whitening

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