Benefits of wax for the face

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Benefits of wax for the face – ” Contents1 face wax2 benefits of facial waxing3 Facial waxing with wax4 How to calm the face after using waxThe waxThe appearance of hair on the face has a negative psychological effect on and around the woman; Therefore, you always seek to get rid using several methods such as laser, volatility and softness, but the damage of these methods are more than their benefits, so other safer and useful methods have been created to remove excess hair such as like honey, sugar or wax, which can be used at home, without having to go to the hairdressers.Benefits of wax for the faceDelay the appearance of hair after removing it; Because the hair removal of its roots.Reduce hair removal from sensitive areas such as the mustache.It is suitable for all skin types and does not cause allergies to sensitive skin.It does not lead to the occurrence of leather, as another removes and does not tighten them.It does not tan the skin.Remove the skin by removing dead skin and accumulating dirt.Most types of wax do not contain chemicals that are harmful to the skin.The hair grows smoothly after its use and the facial texture is soft.It saves a lot of money if used at home.Removing facial hair with waxWorkin

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g tools:Honey wax or sugar wax.Paper or cloth gloves.A special flat spoon, especially for waxing.A large mirror.How to use:Put the wax on the face using the spoon.The wax goes on well using a small piece of special cloth.Gently massage the skin, using the cloth for ten seconds.Count from one to five before tightening the cloth and pulling it contrary to hair growth.Repeat the same steps above five to eight times until all unwanted hair is removed.How to soothe the face after using the waxMake sure the remover does not contain chemicals that cause redness and sensitivity to the face by examining it before purchasing it.If sensitive to use, the wax should be used for sensitive skin.Clean the face before removing the hair, then put a baby powder in case of little hair and oil in case of thick hair; As the wax in the hair helps to stick more than the skin, thus reducing redness.Make sure the temperature of the wax by putting a little on the palm of the hand, and the temperature should be moderate, not very hot or cold.After completing the removal, apply ice cubes or tea bags to calm and cool the skin.Was the item helpful?

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Benefits of wax for the face

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