Benefits of white tea for the skin

1 rich in antioxidants

Benefits of white tea for the skin – ” Contents1 rich in antioxidants2 It fights aging of the skin internally and externally3 Improves overall skin health4 referencesRichWhite tea contains active ingredients and antioxidants at a high level that boosts skin immunity, limits damage to skin cells, protects them from oxidative stress and fights free radicals according to what was reported by Science Daily, director of the Dermatology Center at Cleveland University Hospitals and Western Reserve University, it also has other benefits to delay the appearance of signs of aging and wrinkles by applying it directly to the skin, and according to a study conducted in 2003, it was found that through the topical application of white tea to the skin protects the skin from sun damage by lowering it to the nuclear acids resulting from excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, the correct skin cells are restored and strengthened their immunity. [1]It fights the aging of the skin internally and externallySkin aging is classified into two types: an external sheikh that affects the skin due to various environmental and air factors, such as excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays that cause inflammation and damage to the skin over time, so t

2 He fights the aging of the internal and external skin

hat the skin becomes Soft, flexible and exposed to wrinkles with age, while internal aging is called natural aging that is produced due to the damage of certain enzymes such as the enzyme of elastas, and the enzyme of collagen that causes damage and damage to the skin network of the skin, or due to free radicals that affect the skin and make it vulnerable to premature aging, and according to studies conducted on green tea shows that white tea extract protects the skin from the effects of ultraviolet rays and it turns out that by Drinking alcohol offers the body components and benefits that protect the skin from damage of internal networks that support the construction of tight and healthy skin to its richness in polyphenols. [2]It improves the overall health of the skinWhite tea is characterized by the many prestiges that strengthen the immunity of skin cells and gives it health. It also offers protection to the skin from the damage of various environmental factors, and fights free radicals that negatively affect the skin cells and make It is vulnerable to damage and skin extent with freshness and strength. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 enhances general skin health

Benefits of white tea for the skin

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