Benefits of wormwood for the skin

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Benefits of wormwood for the skin – ” Contents1 wood2 Benefits of wormwood for the skin3 General benefits for inspiration4 types of wormwoodWormwoodWormwood is called (Artemisia) as a perennial based plant that follows compound species, has successful papers and with a permeable aromatic smell and its color is green in gardens, the part used in wormwood is the complete plant except its roots, and the effective substances found in it are volatile oils and Santonin.Benefits of wormwood for the skinThere are many health benefits of tin on the skin in particular; For it helps to treat many skin diseases or affect the skin, such as psoriasis, acne and skin ulcers, and treats alopecia and lichen by burning its leaves and mixing ashes with olive oil and applying the affected area.General benefits of insultThere are many health benefits of scarcity on the body in general, including cleaning the body of unpleasant odors, and expelling worms from the stomach, because it contains Santin, as it rids the body of phlegm, and studies have proven an effective screw wood to reduce the growth and spread of cancer cells, and when added with iron, it eliminates all cancer cells, indicating that it is an effective treatment for cancer di

2 Benefits of wormwood for the skin

seases in general, as it is used to expel insects and snakes.As for the use of golden wood, it is done by soaking the worm leaves in warm water for (24) hours and then drinking, for diseases inside the body. Its temperature, the skin infected by the skin is washed with The height soak and leave one hour, then the skin is showered or washed with soap and water.Soft typesAl -Baladi: It spreads in the regions of Iran, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, North Africa and Saudi Arabia, is used to expel worms by drinking the softest for three consecutive days with a rate of cut per day.Al -Bahri: It is in the regions of Central Asia and Western Europe.Shuh al -Tarjoun: it is called the Tarqin and is located in Europe and Asia, and it is grown in abundance in France to extract the oil pilot, in addition to using it as flavored spices for food, especially fish .Shihah Al -Shaybah or Al -Sheenah: It is present in wild areas and is not cultivated.Al -owaidan: It spreads in the middle and east of Saudi Arabia, and it uses its soaked to relieve ear pain and stop constipation.Al -mbitharan or Al -Shehhan: It is located in the north and south of Hijaz, and is like the island of Sinai, and its soaked is used

3 general benefits for inspiration

in menstruation and expulsion of gas.Was the article useful?

4 types of wormwood

Benefits of wormwood for the skin

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