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Best body oil – ” Contents1 Body care2 The best oils to massage the body3 The best oils for hair4 referencesBODY CAREBody care is not limited to the inner parts, but also includes external organs, including the face, hair, body, lips, nose, etc., and the body of the ideal woman, is the body without grains and pimples, which does not contain blackheads in the face or other, in addition to the spots that spread throughout the body, and every woman wants her body to be shiny, glossy and soft, and we will present to you in this article some of the oils that are used in body massage and improve hair.The best oils to massage the bodyOne of the most important and best oils to massage the body: [2]Apricot oil: this oil is considered one of the most important oils used to massage the body in general, and the face area in particular, because it contains many benefits, including, it helps get rid of wrinkles by tightening That, due to aging, and gives the skin a beautiful shine, it should be noted that it can be used for breastfeeding and pregnant women without worry.Avocado oil: It contains many beneficial nutritional values, such as minerals and vitamins, and is used in drying dry skin, to get soft skin, a

2 The best oils to massage the body

nd beyond that, it also treats aging problems.Evening primrose oil: It is used to solve skin problems, including psoriasis and eczema, so it can be used for people with different skin problems.Grape seed oil: This oil is very important to get rid of oily skin problems, which are characterized by its large secretion of sebaceous glands, and in this regard, it inhabits the pain of cancer and stimulates the liver.Hazelnut Oil: It is considered one of the oils that quickly and easily penetrate the skin and skin, as it contains many vitamins and useful substances, including vitamin J and jojoba, which works to nourish the skin, lighten its dark color, in addition to that it helps to get rid of acne and also reduce the appearance of dandruff in the head.Pill Nigellast: Helps to open bronchial tubes, gives body vitality and strengthens immunity.Chamomile oil: This works to calm the nerves, get rid of excessive tension, in addition to stomach cramps, and also helps to break the stones that are in the kidneys, and it is possible to drink a cup of soaked chamomile to get rid of colds.The best oils for hairThere are many useful oils for hair, the most important of which are: [3]:Lavender oil:

3 The best oils for hair

It is considered one of the most important treatments used in case of hair loss, which works on the diet, in addition to that, it works to get rid of dandruff or skin diseases spread in the body and head, fighting fungi, bacteria , microbes and viruses.Jojoba oil: that we extract from the jojoba seeds, which works as a moisturizer, as it works to take care of the hair of the roots and limbs.Coconut oil: It is one of the oils rich in vitamin E and other nutrients, and it is the most used in the world, because it makes the hair healthier and thicker and gives it strong roots, besides that it contains acid lauric and Champrink, which makes the scalp healthy; They are considered antimicrobes, so this oil prevents itching, dandruff and infections.Virgin Olive Oil: Olive oil is known to be used for cooking purposes, but there are other uses for it as a deep moisturizing treatment, promoting hair growth, as it improves scalp health when massaged, improves blood circulation, and kills bacteria.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Best body oil

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