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1 Best Lotion for the Body

Best Lotion for the body – ” Contents1 best body lotion1.1 Ingredients1.2 Tools1.3 How to prepareBest body lotionGirls can enjoy the softness of the body provided by the lotion, in addition to the fragrant smell that sticks to the body and repairs it for long hours, especially when applied to the body after finishing a warm and refreshing bath, where the pores of the pores The body is open and more capable of absorbing the pamphlet and the aromatic smell accompanying it. Through the operation of the body for the body, it is composed entirely of natural materials that interest the body and the scented smell without damaging it or causing side effects.the ingredientsAromatic cubes, available in Al -attar in the form of soap with several oriental fragrances, with a favorite smell of a person.A few drops of perfume oil, taking into account that the aromatic oil is the same as the aromatic smell of the chosen aromatic cubes, to prevent mixing in the smells, which can lead to new unpleasant odors.Almond oil.Oil of wheat germ.Olive oil.December blood powder.Another type of oil useful to the skin and skin can be added.ToolsProstrate in small and soft teeth.Small bowl.Large bowl.Fork.Plastic bag.Empty lotion

1.1 Ingredients

to prepareUsing the screen, the aromatic soap is sprayed inside the small bowl, taking care not to disperse it outside the bowl, to enjoy the greatest possible scent.The amount of wheat germ oil is placed in the large bowl.Put a quantity of olive oil in the large bowl.Add a quantity of almond oil to the large bowl.It is not necessary to add the same amount of the previous oils. On the contrary, the quantity of each of them depends on the volume of the interest that they provide to the skin and the skin, and the quality of the oil that offers the advantage to realize as much as possible.Mix the previous oils with a fork, until they become a uniform mixture.Gradually add the essential soap to the oil mixture, while stirring constantly using the fork until the quantity is complete.Close the mixture with the plastic bag and leave it for two days without moving it or the slit.After the two days, it can be observed that the disappearance of the pulverized essential soap, its melting with the oils and that the mixture turns into a soft creamy texture.A little deer blood is added to the resulting mixture, mixing it well with the mixture until it turns from white to pink.Add a few drops of

1.2 tools

perfume similar to the smell of aromatic soap and mix well with the resulting mixture.The resulting lotion is packed in the empty box, and it is well shown before use.Was the item useful?

1.3 How to prepare

Best Lotion for the body

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