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1 coconut oil

Best skin oil – ” Contents1 coconut oil2 olive oil3 lavender oil4 Mint oil5 argan oil6 almond oil7 tea tree oil8 rosemary oil9 referencesCoconut oilCoconut oil contains fatty acids that provide deep hydration to keep the skin and protect it from dehydration; It moisturizes and nourishes the skin, and studies have shown that coconut oil is safe and effective when you use it for moisture such as mineral oils, and it is suitable for all skin types, and the way it is used is: [1]Ingredients: a quantity of coconut oil.How to prepare:Heat a quantity of coconut oil in the microwave for a few seconds.The skin of the face is applied with hot oil with a gentle massage until the oil penetrates the skin.Leave for ten minutes, then rinse the face with water.Repeat the method once a day or as needed.Olive oilOlive oil is the best and most popular vegetable oil, and is used in many regions. It is rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals and antioxidants. And its method is: [2]Ingredients: five tablespoons of virgin olive oil.How to use:The tub is prepared with warm water.Put olive oil in the sink and mix with water.The body is dried after finishing the shower, and he will notice that the skin has become very soft li

2 olive oil

ke the skin of children.Otherwise:Massage the body with olive oil before entering the bathtub instead of placing it in the sink.Remove excess oil from the body after finishing the shower.Lavender oilThe basic lavender oil is used in many areas, the most important of which are cosmetic fields; Indeed, it contains the wonderful fragrance, as it maintains the health of the skin, and it treats many related problems, such as pimples, dark spots, etc., and the way it is used is:[3]ingredients:Four drops of lavender oil base.Four tablespoons of coconut oil.How to prepare and use:The body is washed well and cleansed with warm water to open and clean the pores, then with cold water.The skin is dried with a soft towel.Lavender oil is mixed with coconut oil to make an oil mixture.Place the oil on the skin and massage gently.Leave the oil on the body for fifteen minutes.Gently wipe the oil off the skin with a towel.The method is repeated every day or two.Peppermint oilPeppermint oil makes the skin brighter, limits its problems, controls acne, cleanses and protects the skin, as it can be used as a scrub, and the way it is used is:[4]ingredients:Four drops of mint oil.Two tablespoons of olive oi

3 lavender oil

l.Three teaspoons of table salt.How to prepare and use:Mix all ingredients together for a blend.The mixture is applied to a clean face with a gentle circular motion.This method is repeated every three days to achieve clear and vibrant skin.argan oilArgan oil works to cleanse the skin and reduce large pores, as it contains vitamin A and E nuts, as it is rich in antioxidants, linoleic, various minerals that improve the health of the skin, and the way it is used is: [ 5]Ingredients: A few drops of argan oil.How to use:Wash face and dry.A few drops of argan oil are placed on the face and rubbed gently.Leave for a few minutes, then wash with warm water.Repeat the method twice a day.Almond oilAlmond oil protects the skin and removes wrinkles and moisturizes it, and it can be used as a natural exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, improve skin growth, and the way it is used is: [6]Ingredients: Two drops to four drops of almond oil.How to use:It cleanses the skin and cleanses before using the oil.A few drops of almond oil are placed on the palm of the hand and rubbing the hands.The oil is applied in a gentle pattern to the facial skin.Wipe off excess oil with a piece of absorbent cotton i

4 mint oil

f the skin is oily.Leave excess oil on dry skin to help moisturize effectively.Tea Tree OilTea tree oil is a very useful and effective natural oil; To treat many skin problems, such as: acne treatment, it contains many antibiotics that kill bacteria and thus reduces the production of sebum in the pores of the skin, calm down from skin irritation and can be used on the face; By following the following steps: [7]ingredients:Half a drop of tea tree oil.One teaspoon of coconut oil or jojoba oil.How to prepare and use:Mix the components well.A cotton ball is dipped into the mixture, placed on acne suffering areas and left for 15-20 minutes.Rinse the face with lukewarm water.This method is repeated once a day.Otherwise:ingredients:4-5 drops of tea tree oil.One teaspoon of honey.How to prepare and use:Mix the ingredients well.The mixture is placed on the acne areas.Leave on the face for 15 minutes, then rinse the face with water.This method is repeated once a day.rosemary oilRosemary oil protects the skin from skin-damaging free radicals as it improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation and can be used on the face by following these steps: [8]ingredients:1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel

.6 drops of rosemary oil (rosemary).How to prepare and use:Mix the ingredients well.The mixture is placed on the face and it is a little molded for a while.Leave for 15-20 minutes, then wash it off well with water.This method is repeated once a day.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Best skin oil

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