Bitter benefits for sensitive skin

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Bitter benefits for sensitive skin – ” Content1 time1.1 The benefits of time for sensitive skin1.2 How to use time1.3 General past benefitsOnceBitter, also called bitter incense or bitter, is a type of medical resin material with a fragrant smell, which is obtained from the bitter tree, and it is very similar to the form of the male or male to the male or putty, but the Bitter consists of larger granules, and its color tends to red or blond, it consists of a unique composition and antiseptic type materials, and can be obtained from perfume stores, due to the rarity of its presence in nature.Bitter tree produces the bitter material, and this substance is obtained from the legs of the tree, where it is in the form of juice, and as soon as it is made in the leg, this juice comes out to benefit, And the height of the bitter tree reaches about three meters, and it consists of branches between locked and thorny, as it grows orange flowers, and spreads to the regions of the Arabian Peninsula, especially in Oman and Yemen, and East Africa, especially in Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Djibouti.The benefits of time for sensitive skinTime is one of the beneficial herbs for the skin in general, especially for sensitive skin,

1.1 The benefits of time for sensitive skin

because it does not cause any irritation, and one of its most important benefits is:It reduces skin irritation, inflammation and calmness.It prevents acne and treats inflamed and firm acne and speeds up its treatment.It treats various skin blisters and gets rid of the skin from its effects without leaving any traces or scars on the skin.The ulcers that appear on the skin are treated, in addition to boils and wounds.It treats sunburns and normal burns that affect the skin.It opens the sensitive color of the skin without causing irritation.It is used to purify the skin from impurities, blackheads, scales and dead skin.Note: Bitter oil can be used to apply on the sensitive skin daily to keep it healthy.How to use bitterSoak a small amount of a teaspoon of time.We use sterile medical cotton by dipping it in the concentrated time and wipe the face in the cotton, while avoiding the area around the eyes because it is sensitive.Leave the skin bitter for an hour and wash the face with plenty of water.We repeat the process daily to get the best results.The benefits of the general hourIt treats scalp infections and gets rid of dandruff.It prevents the appearance of sweat, by placing its powd

1.2 How to use time

er mixed with white alum under the armpit.Was the article useful?

1.3 General Time benefits

Bitter benefits for sensitive skin

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