Bitter benefits for the face

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Bitter benefits for the face – ” Contents1 bitter2 bitter benefits for the skin and face3 bitter masks for the skin and face4 referencesBitterThe glue secreted by the bililestan tree is called bitter, because it is found in several colors ranging from transparent to dark brown, and transparency is the best and the best species, and people have known it from the foot, and they used it in The field of medicine and treatment of many diseases, but in this article, will offer the benefits of cosmetic time, especially the face and skin. [1]Bitter benefits for the skin and faceThere are many bitter benefits for the face and skin, including: [2]Delay the signs of aging, the most important of which is the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in the eyes, and the forehead in addition to the areas around the mouth, except to relieve their shape if they are on the face , such as it tightens it, because it contains many anti-antibiotics for oxidation.Moisturize the skin, get rid of rough cracks on the face, and even on the body in general, giving the skin and body a soft texture.Get rid of dark spots and pigmentation that may appear on the skin as a result of continuous exposure to the sun, or due to aging, it unites the co

2 Bitter benefits for the skin and face

lor of the face and opens it to become white than before.Treat rashes or redness on the skin, in addition to preventing the appearance of acne or ulcers on the face, because it contains a large amount of antiseptic substances.Close open doors on the face, especially in the cheeks, preventing the appearance of pimples, or the accumulation of dirt and impurities on the face, so they are very suitable for people with oily skin.Treat the problem of dark circles under the eyes and get rid of manifestations of fatigue and exhaustion.Give freshness, vitality and youthfulness to the skin, as it contains many nutrients.Fixing the face and help fill the cheeks, so that all people who want to tolerate their faces are advised to use them.Bitter masks for the skin and faceThis is a set of masks using the time: [3]Bitter mask and tahini: where a teaspoon of time is mixed with a tablespoon of tahini well together, then apply the mixture to the face and leave it for a quarter of an hour before washing it with warm water.Bitter mask and rose water: mix a quantity of time and water, mix well, then add a small amount of rose water and a little flour to make the mixture firmly, apply the mixture on th

3 bitter masks for the skin and face

e face and leave it until it dries Completely, then wash it well with warm water.Mask and bitter milk: mix equal amounts of bitter powder and dry milk, with half the amount of natural honey, yeast and curd, applying the mixture on the face for half an hour, then wash it with cold water.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Bitter benefits for the face

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