Bitter -bitter benefits for the face

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Bitter -bitter benefits for the face – ” Contents1 Bitter2 How to prepare the bitter dip3 Benefits of using bitter light for the face4 referencesBitterBitter is a soothing substance in red and blonde, and it contains many purified elements, and it can be considered an antibiotic, and the best of its types is transparent and in red blonde, and it is advisable to avoid using a brown or black Type that contains sand and dust, and for the time many names of the most important of them: bitter, bitter and French called myrrh, and in English: myrrh, scientifically known as comphora. [1]How to prepare the bitter dipInitially, a sufficient amount of raw time is taken, the amount of a tablespoon of a tablespoon and washed well with water in order to get rid of dust and dirt stuck, then the time is placed in a closed glass jar, and added An appropriate amount of boiling water, closes the jar well and kept in the refrigerator, it is possible to keep this soaked in the refrigerator for only four weeks, after which this method is repeated. [2]Benefits of using bitter-bits faceThere are the advantages of your bitter benefits: [3]For the love of young people: time helps to reduce pimples and annoying acne pimples, and get rid of grain,

2 How to prepare the bitter soaked

a little bit of soaked time is previously prepared in a clean cotton and wipe the face with this soaked while avoiding its arrival in the area around the area the eyes, and leaves the face soaked on the face for about the hour, then wash the face with cold water, it is best to repeat this recipe daily until the desired results are achieved.To lighten the skin: bitter can be used to lighten the skin naturally and quickly, and the mask of time and tahini can be used to achieve great results, and this mask consists of one teaspoon of soft crushed time, and two tablespoons of liquid tahini “”Sesame flour””, and mix the ingredients well until smooth consistency, Then the ingredients are placed on the face while avoiding an area around both eyes, and this mask is left for about half an hour before washing it with warm water, then Wash the face with cold rose water, and it is best to repeat the work of this mask every week.To unify the color of the skin: it is used on the face daily on the skin; To get rid of the pigmentation of the skin and get an even skin.To reduce the pores of the skin: one of the most important benefits that the soaked bitter has its ability to capture and reduce th

3 Benefits of using bitter draining for the face

e pores, while maintaining the use of soaked as a mask for the skin.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Bitter -bitter benefits for the face

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