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Black is under the eye – ” Contents1 black under the eye2 causes black under the eye3 black under eye treatmentBlackness is under the eyeIt is known that the eye area is considered the most sensitive and most sensitive than other skin areas; Which makes it vulnerable to the appearance of blackness, which most people suffer and make them their anxiety and annoyance, due to the difficulty of getting rid of it quickly, affecting the aesthetic appearance of the skin of the appearance of spots and wrinkles, Except for the negative effects it reflects on the psyche of those who suffer from it.Black causes under the eyesAge.Dry skin.Smoking, government and drug abuse.DNA.Low blood pressure.Tension and nervous stress.Exposure to ultraviolet rays.Anemia.Insomnia and other sleep disorders.Chemical cosmetics.Black treatment under the eyeCold tablet to get rid of bloating.Option: The option contains anti -oxidant astringents effective in the treatment of dark auras and get rid of fluid retention accumulated at the back of the eye that causes the appearance of auras, cut the cucumber into circular slices placed on the eye for a Quarter of an hour, mix the juice of cucumber with lemon juice with equal amounts and leave

2 Black causes under the eyes

for fifteen minutes before washing it.Potatoes: Because it contains natural bleaching materials, where potatoes are peeled and mashed and placed in the refrigerator until it cools down, then placed on the black area for a period of 15 minutes, then mix the potato juice with cucumber juice and put them for A quarter of an hour before washing them with water.TEA COMPRESSES: One of the elements contained in the tea is that of the teenage acid that is able to rid the eyes of bloating and fluid assembly, and placed for 10 to 15 minutes.Tomato juice: mixing it with orange juice and put it twice a day for 10 minutes.Cleaning the face from cosmetics and skin care preparations before going to sleep.Drink enough water.Exercise to stimulate blood circulation and delivery of food and oxygen to the face.Sleep for a sufficient number of hours per day, at least 7 hours per day.It is necessary to realize that avoiding psychological stress, food and drinks containing caffeine and treatment of anemia is one of the bases for overcoming the problem of blackness.Was the article useful?

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Black is under the eye

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