Black treatment around the mouth

1 black around the mouth

Black treatment around the mouth – “Contents1 black around the mouth2 black treatment around the mouth3 tips4 referencesBlack around the mouthThe area around the mouth is exposed to many factors and influences that cause a change in its natural color and negatively affect its appearance, and these factors are divided into two main parts: Internal factors and external factors, where the first is the poor diet used , and lack of fluids in the body, while the second is caused by following the followers of bad daily habits, which negatively affect this area, especially the use of dangerous chemical preparations, lack of cleaning the skin of the remains of makeup , lack of hygiene, lack of drinking water, as well as the result of an unbalanced diet, and the lack of dietary elements rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals that maintains the natural color of the skin, including fruits and vegetables and results in a noticeable change in the color of the area around the mouth, and its dark or black color tendencies, which requires finding the appropriate treatment for this problem, and while a detailed presentation of the most important. [1]Treating darkness around the mouthBlack treatment around the mouth: [2]Grease the area

2 Black treatment around the mouth

with honey on a daily basis, and it can be mixed with lemon juice for best results.Mix a tablespoon of lemon with a tablespoon of milk and honey, and put the mixture on the area to be lightened for fifteen minutes.Grease the area twice a day with rose water or flower water.Use natural oils to help lighten the color of the skin, above olive oil, which restores the vitality of the skin and regenerates the skin cells, thus eliminating a dark color.Eat fruit, as it plays an essential role in nourishing the skin, mixing a tablespoon of lemon with oranges and almond oil, and placing the mixture around the area for five minutes.Mix the yogurt mixture with lemon to brighten the skin.TipsTips:[3]Clean the area around the mouth after using toothpaste instantly, as this is one of the main factors that cause this problem.Eat enough water daily, at a rate of at least eight to ten cups.Eliminate any leftovers before bedtime.Avoid using foam to shave the area around the mouth; it increases the color of the skin with frequent use.Eat foods rich in vitamins and be sure to drink acidic juices to help increase the glow of the skin.Avoid using cortisone, which helps lighten the skin for a temporary pe

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riod, but quickly leads to a dark color.Avoid using cosmetic powders that contain fragrances.Possible reduction of direct sun exposure, especially during peak hours when the concentration of harmful rays is at its highest.Avoid placing hands on the area, calculating the transmission of bacteria and germs.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Black treatment around the mouth

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