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Black treatment under the eyes – “Contents1 dark under the eye2 The reasons for the emergence of dark circles3 Tips for treating dark circles4 referencesThe black is under the eyeThe risk of the emergence of dark circles with age under the eyes increases, which makes the person tired and tired, and before talking about how to provide treatment to the problem of dark circles surrounding the eye, the most important causes that lead to their The appearance must be determined, because the treatment begins after determining the main cause of it. [1]Reasons for the emergence of dark circlesReasons for the emergence and treatment of dark circles: [2]Dark circles may appear under the eye due to allergies to a specific issue, some people may experience allergies resulting from certain foods, such as pasteurized milk or fruits and vegetables affected by pesticides, and sensitivity may be caused by certain cosmetics containing large amounts of chemicals such as foundation cream and eyeliner pen.Pre-menstruation: Sometimes the appearance of dark circles coincides with the period before menstruation, so there should be plenty of natural diuretics such as green tea and avoid salty foods to reduce the percentage of hormones that

2 The reasons for the emergence of dark circles

cause bloating.Genetic factors: genetic factors are considered one of the most common reasons for the emergence of dark circles, as it can be said that in this case the possibility of treatment is low compared to other causes due to the inability to control the genes responsible for their appearance.Blood concentrates in the blood vessels: it occurs during sleep when the head is at the same level of the body, so it is advisable to raise the head slightly from the body using extra pillows, and cold compresses can be used in the morning after waking up for five minutes to relieve bloating.Nasal congestion: nasal congestion and stretching in the veins can lead to the appearance of darkness around the eye, so you should visit the doctor to provide treatment for the problem of nasal congestion.Anemia (anemia): In this case, it is necessary to provide treatment immediately to compensate for the deficiency of the iron component to prevent the occurrence of dark circles.Tips for treating dark circlesTips for treating dark circles under the eye:[3]Eat healthy foods rich in vitamins and proteins necessary for the human body that give the face health and freshness, such as fresh fruits and v

3 tips for treating dark circles

egetables and avocado, plenty of seafood, chicken, healthy meat and stay away from processed and fatty foods.Drink sufficient amounts of water at an average of eight cups during the day, drink plenty of fresh natural juices and green tea and reduce stimuli and drinks that contain a high percentage of caffeine.Get enough rest by sleeping early for eight hours a day and avoid staying up late and for successive periods.Cold cucumber slices can be used, which helps to absorb water based on water.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Black treatment under the eyes

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