Blackheads is a mask

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Blackheads is a mask – ” Contents1 Blackheads2 The most important masks to get rid of blackheadsblackheadsAll women fear that their skin looks clear, fresh and free of problems to which they may be exposed, and from these blackheads, which are more related on the nose, forehead and chin. The main cause of the appearance of blackheads is the accumulation of fat, dead cells and dirt on the surface of the face, in addition to the lack of interest in cleaning the skin in the morning and evening, eating a large amount of fats, sugars and drinks containing caffeine, excessive smoking and psychological stress; They all have the greatest impact on increasing the chances that blackheads appear in the skin.The most important masks to get rid of blackheadsVinegar and starchWhen an appropriate amount of vinegar and starch is mixed until a smooth and consistent mixture is mixed, then spread on the affected areas and leave until it is completely dry, then wash it with warm water, and repeat the recipe daily until the problem is completely eliminated.scrubIt is considered one of the most important steps that should be followed to eliminate blackheads; Exfoliation works to restore the vitality of the skin and cleanse it

2 The most important masks to get rid of blackheads

deeply from within, and natural exfoliators such as oats and lupine can be used to give the best results, and the skin should be peeled off twice a week.Garlic and rose waterWhere a clove of garlic is crushed with two teaspoons of rose water, then the blackheads are wiped this mixture twice a day; Garlic effectively cleanses the skin and relieves it of bacteria that cause many skin problems.Tomatoes and olive oilA grain of ripe tomatoes is peeled off and then ran away well, add a teaspoon of olive oil, then distribute the mixture on the skin while staying away from the area around the eyes, leave it for a quarter of an hour or until it dries, Then rinse with cold water and repeat the recipe three times a week.Almonds and oatmealWhen two teaspoons of oatmeal are mixed with the same amount of ground almonds, then gradually add rose water until a soft paste can be spread, the mixture is distributed on the places of black heads in the skin with the tips of the fingers, And leave it for a quarter of an hour, then rinse with warm water.Glycerin and alcoholAn equal amount of glycerin, alcohol and lemon juice is mixed, then the skin is moistened with lukewarm water first, after which the

previous mixture is distributed over the entire skin before bedtime and left overnight, and in the morning the face is moisturized again with warm water, then by a clean handkerchief or a piece of cotton, it is eradicated the black head with fingers gently and calmly.Was the article useful?

Blackheads is a mask

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