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Body bleaching mixtures – ” Contents1 body bleach2 body bleaching mixes3 skin whitening tips4 referencesBody whiteningMany women are looking to get a fresh white skin without dark spots that occur as a result of sun exposure, or because of the love of youth that leave marks on the face, and for many other reasons, and this problem is great As far as they are concerned, which leads them to follow many methods and treatments for whitening, either using medical methods or experimenting with some of the natural mixtures that are made at home, which will be discussed in detail in this article.Body Bleaching BlendsMilkMilk contains lactic acid, which gradually whitens the skin by reducing the pigmentation of the skin, and its method is: [1]Ingredients: A quantity of liquid milk and any type of milk, such as cow’s milk, goat’s milk or even milk, can be chosen.How to prepare and use:Pour the milk into a bowl, then microwave it for 30 minutes to warm it up.Soak a tissue or towel in the milk and make sure it is completely saturated with milk.Clean and wash the skin before following this method and dry it well.Massage the face and areas to whiten with the milk lamp.When the handkerchief is dry, it is again soaked with

2 Body whitening mixtures

milk, then massage the face and leave it on the skin for a while, then shower with water.LemonadeLemon is one of the ancient natural remedies that whiten the skin as a result of its many acids that help to peel the upper skin of the skin, and therefore it whitens the face, removes dark spots, and its method is:[2]ingredients:A quantity of lemon juice.A quantity of water.How to prepare and use:Mix the ingredients together, using a piece of cotton, apply the mixture to the skin.Leave the mixture for 15 minutes, then wash it off with warm water.Repeat the process two to three times a week, in order to better see the results.It should be taken into account that some types of lemon juice can cause irritation to cell tissues when exposed to the sun’s UV rays, so caution and adherence to a specific type should be taken, and it is best to wash the face and body well before going out in the sun.Mask with honey and yogurtAl -zubadi contains good skin whitening enzymes, while honey has skin moisturizing properties, and it is considered a natural bacterial antibacterial, so this mask is a good nutrition for the skin, and its method is:[2]ingredients:A quantity of honey.A quantity of ordinary

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and non-localized zubadi.How to prepare and use:Mix the ingredients well and in equal amounts.The mixture is placed on the face and body.Leave the mixture for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.Avocado or aloe vera can be used instead of honey, as all the ingredients have a good effect on the skin, as they moisturize it wonderfully with bleaching.Mask with flour, lemon juice or milkAnd its method is:[2]ingredients:A quarter cup of flour.A quantity of lemon juice or milk.How to prepare and use:Mix the ingredients well and make sure to make a smooth paste.Wash the face well before applying the paste, then put it on, leave it for 15 minutes, then rinse the face with warm water.The flour can be replaced by a tablespoon of turmeric with an appropriate amount of milk or lemon juice, then follow the previous steps.eggsEgg whites help to whiten the skin because of its wonderful properties, and its method is:Ingredients: a quantity of egg whites.How to prepare and use:Whisk the egg whites in a non-metallic bowl, until its strength and shape changes.Wash the face well and dry it.Using a clean makeup brush, the mixture is placed on the face and left the egg whites to dry.Once the mask los

es its shine, the face is rinsed with cold water and dry.This method is repeated twice a week, and in a few weeks the results will be observed.Skin whitening tipsThere are certain practices that are recommended to keep track of the skin, and these practices are as follows: [2]Skin peeling: As the accumulation of dead skin cells on the face makes it look somewhat dull, and for better whitening results, it is best to regularly perform the natural and body peeling process by following certain methods such as:Rub the body with sugar or salt before bathing in a nice circular motion all over the body to get a complete glow for the skin.Use oatmeal or almonds to get a proper peel for health.Use a special brush made of natural fibers to clean the dead skin cells on the body as another method of exfoliation.Moisturizing the skin regularly: it is best to moisturize the body after bathing, as this helps to easily extract dead skin cells, prevents them from accumulating again and what comes when moisturizing:A creamy creamy moisturizer should be chosen; Because creams containing alcohol help dry the skin.Coconut oil can be used as a body moisturizer, applying it directly to the skin after bath

ing and leaving it on for 10 until the body absorbs it before wearing clothes, because it helps to glow the skin and keeps it youthful.Coconut oil can be replaced by olive oil or jojoba oil, as they have high moisturizing properties.Reduce exposure to the sun’s rays: the skin should be protected when you go out in the sun by following these steps:Using a sunscreen that contains a good protection factor, to protect the skin from staining due to sun exposure.Wear a large brimmed hat, as this helps protect the face, neck and shoulders.Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants, with an appropriate type of fabric.Note: staying out of the sun is also harmful to the body, so moderation should be there. The sun helps produce vitamin D in the body, and this is necessary for bone health and other vital functions.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Body bleaching mixtures

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