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Body cheap method – “Contents1 Crossing the body2 Chemical methods for the body brush3 Natural recipes for body cramps4 referencesCrossing the bodyThe problem of unwanted body hair can be solved in several ways, including elasticity or bleaching of body hair, and several household methods can be used to apply softness, because suspension does not lead to hair removal, but it makes the hair less light and In this article, we will provide chemical methods and natural recipes that can use it to break the body. [1]Chemical methods for body crampsThere are many chemical methods that can be used to break the body. As follows, we will provide some of them:Hydrogen peroxideHydrogen peroxide can be used to break the body. The following preparation method comes:[1]ingredients:3% hydrogen peroxide and 3% waterCotton balls.How to prepare:Mix an equal amount of hydrogen peroxide with water in a bowl, where 1: 1 is mixed.Satisfy the cotton ball with the solution well for 15-30 seconds, and if the cotton is full of the solution excessively, it may emerge.Place the cotton ball on the areas to whiten and more than one cotton ball can be used to cover the area.Sit under the sunlight for 20-30 minutes, so that the effec

2 chemical methods for bodybrush

t of peroxide begins to work and the hair dries properly, and its effect can be observed after 20 minutes.Wash the lightened areas either by shower or with a clean cloth.Moisturize the lightened area with a moisturizer; Because hydrogen peroxide dries the skin, vitamin E oil can be used moisturizers that contain shea or cocoa butter.Ready-made materialsA kitchen and tools can be used for the body ready to another. The following method of preparation comes: [1]Ingredients: Ready -T-SET-SEAD-SEPT-MADENING MATERICAT MATERICAT.How to prepare:Make sure that the product used does not cause allergies, and it is by experimenting with the product used on a small area before applying it to the entire body, and mixing a small amount of bleaching material and stimulated in the line written on the box and is (1 x 1) on (2, 50 x 2.50) of the body, wash the area with water after 7 to 10 minutes has elapsed, and if no redness or irritation appears after 24 hours, this kit can be used, and if the redness continues for more than two days, you should see a doctor.Wash the area to be lightened with soap and water and dry it well.Mix the bleaching ingredients according to the special instructions writt

3 Natural recipes for body cramping

en on the kit and most put a spoonful of ovarian powder and two suspensions of the cream, and you should be careful not to make a mistake in the proportions so that the skin is not hurt.Put the resulting mixture on the area to be lightened with the brush with the kit, and it should be confirmed distributed on top and cover the entire hair, and the ovaries should be avoided from front to back on the skin.Leave the product on the areas on which it is placed for a period of 5 to 10 minutes.Check the areas to make sure it has cleared and if the required clearance is not needed, it is left on for an additional two to four minutes.Rinse areas with water after finishing, so that no bubbles or blisters remain on the skin when applying water to the skin.Note: you should avoid using harsh soaps or detergents for 8 hours.Natural recipes for body crampsThere are many natural recipes that are used to break the body. As follows, we will mention some of these recipes:Oats, turmeric and lemon juiceOatmeal mask is used to whiten and bleach the skin, as oatmeal helps to peel the skin, which gets rid of the dead skin cells, and encourages the growth of new skin cells that re-digitize the skin and ope

n their color. The following preparation method comes:[2]ingredients:One teaspoon of oat powder.A pinch of turmeric.A few drops of lemon to prepare:Mix the oats with the blender to get a soft powder, and in case of blender, there is no tablespoon of raw oats instead.Mix the oatmeal, turmeric and lemon juice in a small bowl to make a soft paste, and in case the areas to be lightened need more, the quantities are also doubled.Put the paste on the areas to be lightened and leave it for 15 minutes until it dries.Wash the skin with lukewarm water and rub it like a scrub.Repeat the recipe once a day for 31 days.Note: This scrub is very effective, but it takes time to work as it is much less cruel than the ovary, and it will take patience to achieve the desired goal, but when you continue to use this mask daily, the difference will notice.Lemon juice recipeOne method for lining the body is a lemon juice recipe. The following preparation method comes:[1]Ingredients:One third of lemon juice.One third of water.How to prepare:Mix equal amounts of lemon juice and water.Soak a cotton ball in the mixture for a few seconds until it is thoroughly absorbed.Put the cotton ball on the areas

to be loose and lit, and sit in the sun for 15 to 20 minutes until the skin dries well, and the notch of sunscreen can be applied if the skin is sensitive to the sun and also to avoid sunburn.Wash the lightened areas either by shower or with a clean cloth.Place an appropriate moisturizer on the lightened areas; indeed, lemon juice dries the skin, and vitamin E oil, shea butter or cocoa butter can be used.Repeat the recipe daily or 3-4 days a week until the required results are achieved.Yogurt and honeyYogurt contains many nutrients beneficial to the skin, as yogurt contains lactic acid, which contains whitening properties. Honey also whitens and moisturizes the skin and evens out its color. The following preparation method comes:[2]ingredients:1 tablespoon of yogurt.½ tablespoon of to prepare:Mix the above ingredients in a bowl and put the resulting mixture on the face, neck and areas to be lightened.Leave the mixture on the skin for 10-15 minutes, then wash the skin with warm water after you are done.Repeat the recipe daily as it is considered from natural materials and less cruel than ovary.Almond oilAlmond oil contains various skin lightening ingredients, such as unsa

turated fatty acids, minerals, vitamin E, vitamin B6 and vitamin B2. The following preparation method comes: [3].Ingredients: Small almond oil.How to prepare:Heat the oil by putting it in a metal bowl, then put it on boiling water, taking care not to heat the oil much.Massage the skin with hot oil for 10 to 15 minutes in the optimum of the best results.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Body cheap method

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