Bring nails in children

1 unhealthy habits

Bring nails in children – ” Contents1 unhealthy habits2 causes nail biting3 The late optical stage of the child4 Treating the problem of biting nailsUnhealthy habitsNail biting is one of the most common habits among children, which is carried out by 60% of children, and after childhood exceeding this habit, this habit is close to nearly forty percent of teenagers and is classified as a nervous habit that indicates the Individual tension such as the habit of sucking fingers, falsifying nose, cutting hair and habits, others often seek to get rid of his child before it is rooted in the list of his permanent habits.Causes of pricklinessPsychologists unanimously agree that anxiety is the main reason for nail biting in children.It may seem to adults that anxiety in children is not the important thing that needs to be stopped.But this does not correspond to what the child is a sensitive creature and all that Can be tense, it is not true that it is subject to the standards of adults in judged issues, and the reasons that cause anxiety for children, and these reasons are the pressure of the relationship between the child and his mother or father or both, and the transfer of the child from the stage of breastfeeding

2 causes nail biting

where it is closely related to his mother to a wider and more mixed world and the change in the type of food, the occurrence of major changes surprisingly in the life of the child, such as the transition to a The nursery, illness or the arrival of a new baby, drawing attention.The late optimal stage of the childThis is the stage at the beginning of the second year, which is the age of the appearance of the teeth, so a part of the mother will increase when breastfeeding, and this can cause breastfeeding or his fatigue. A feeling of guilt that will appear in the form of Nail biting, as if he was taking revenge on himself.Treating the nail biting problemIf when the child bites his nails, he hurts himself, or pulls or tightens his eyelashes or hair, his sleep pattern may change significantly.Or, the mother, father or one of their family members suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder, he needs to seek treatment, and this is advice for the mother in this regard:Get the support of your child, you need to convince him of the bad habit and its effect on him, is that if the cause is with abdominal pain, the child will want to get rid of the pain, if any, it is a perceived thing for him

3 The late optical stage of the child

, and he is more aware that you remind him of the sight of his fingernails and what his friends say about his non-abundant fingernails and what the teacher says about his fingernails.Look for the cause of the problem, this is the first way to solve it. As a parent, especially if you are looking for the cause of the anxiety surrounding your child.Always trim your child’s nails, so don’t let him bite his nails.It is necessary to observe that the child bites nails, then working to distract him by giving a game or to play with him one of the parents or one of his brothers, provided that no one draws attention to this distraction to get rid of the habit of biting nails.Help your child to get rid of his feelings towards himself, to immerse him with tenderness, provided that love is not as a tool of punishment and reward, love is always repaired, what you need to reject or hate as a mother is the habit of biting The nails and not the child and you need to clarify this issue for the child.Encourage your child to express their feelings and ideas and not to worry about this issue. This is the tension, and it is an excellent alternative to empty it by resorting to biting the nails, talk to th

4 Treating the problem of biting nails

e child and not to him, try to feel his Importance and extent of your appreciation for his entity and involve him in activities with the rest of the family.Was the item helpful?

Bring nails in children

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