The Best Bolt Cutter in 2022

Bolt cutter: Cut metal effortlessly! Whether it’s for professional use or for DIY at home, the bolt cutter is a tool that can quickly come in handy. From the most powerful to the least cumbersome, I present to you right now my selection of the best bolt cutters on the market! What is the best … Read more

The Best Torque Wrenche in 2022

Torque wrench: For an absolutely safe tightening! From a professional range or for the simple do-it-yourselfers, I present to you right now my selection of the best torque wrenches on the market! What is the best torque wrench in 2022? Facom – My favourite range Kraftwerk – Professional quality KS Tools – Good quality/price ratio … Read more

The 5 Best wood chisels for the money 2022

wood chiselsFor a precise and delicate cutting! True ancestral tools, are still as useful today to work the wood in a delicate way, to prepare assemblies or to realize ornaments. Professional quality, in a box, for carving or even Japanese, I let you discover my selection of the best wood chisels currently available. What are … Read more

The 4 Best Tile Cutters in 2022

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The 5 Best sewer camera in 2022

sewer cameraTo know exactly where the problem comes from! Designed for professionals or used to troubleshoot for individuals, I let you discover my selection of the best cameras for pipes! What is the Best sewer camera in 2022? ↓ Professional Bosch Professional GIC 120 C – My favourite (length 120cm) Anysun IHBUDS – Pro camera … Read more

The 5 Best Vacuum Cleaner in 2022

Ash vacuum cleaner: No more dust everywhere! Specifically designed to take care of fireplaces, stoves and even barbecues, they make cleaning easy and ensure a clean job. From different sizes to downright versatile, here is my selection of the best ash vacuums currently available! What is the best ash vacuum cleaner in 2022? Einhell TC-AV … Read more

What is the best electric stapler in 2022?

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The Best trimmers in 2022

Levelling, rounding, chamfering, grooving… the possible uses are numerous and this machine is often very practical for a perfect result. Whether you prefer battery-powered or corded tools, I invite you to discover my selection of the best graders on the market! What are the Best trimmers in 2022? ↓ Battery powered Bosch Professional GKF 12V-8 … Read more

The 6 (real) Best Drill Grinder in 2022

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