Causes of blackness around the eye

1 black around the eye

Causes of blackness around the eye – “Contents1 Blackness around the eye2 Causes of dark around the eye3 Treating the dark around the eye problem4 ReferencesDarkness around the eyeThe face is a mirror of its owner, when a person suffers from an illness or fatigue, it is evident on his face, and one of the most famous health problems that disturbs many is the problem of blackness around the eyes or as it is called as The dark circles, which is the change of the color of the skin surrounding the eye and its transformation into a color darker than the color of the skin the face, and this signal should not be ignored and look for the main cause to get rid of it in an ideal way. This problem is one of the most aesthetic problems that give the person an unpleasant appearance, as it helps to accelerate the emergence of wrinkles and signs of age. [1]Causes of darkness around the eyeCauses of darkness around the eye: [2]Genetics: If this problem is of the genetic type, it is difficult to get rid of it, but it can be reduced and reduces its damage.Anemia: When the amount of iron in the blood decreases, the proportion of dark circles formation increases. Anemia is caused by iron deficiency, so it is important to pay attention to

2 The causes of blackness around the eye

the health warnings to which the dark circles refer.Lack of continuous eyes: frequent rubbing of the eye causes dry skin surrounding the eye, causing dark circles.Smoking and eating salty foods: smoking and eating salty foods cause fluid retention in the blood vessels surrounding the eyes, which increases their swelling and the formation of dark circles.Sleep and sleep disorders: lack of sleep and stay in the face given a tired and special appearance in the area surrounding the eyes.Age: the older the person is, the drier his skin, so exposure to dark circles is one of the cases that accompany age.Fatigue and stress: once a person feels fatigue and stress, the dark circles will start to appear around the eyes, and it is possible to get rid of these auras after getting rid of the fatigue and stress.Treat the problem of darkness around the eyeDespite scientific and medical advances, it has not yet been available for a final treatment for dark circles, but there are many tips that reduce this problem, and the most important of these tips:[3]Wash the eyes with cold water on a daily basis.Eat at least ten cups of water a day, and the goal is to rid the body of toxins and stimulate bloo

3 Treating the dark problem around the eye

d circulation.Put the bitter tea compresses on the eyes, put the potato slices or cucumber for about twenty minutes.Massage the area around the eye with a mixture of almond and honey, or vitamin E.Wipe the face with the area around the eyes with fresh, cold milk and leave the milk on the face for about five minutes.Put on sun block daily, preferably wearing sunglasses on sunny days.Eat healthy and integrated foods.Do relaxing facial exercises.Use moisturizing creams for this area.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Causes of blackness around the eye

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