Causes of blackness around the eyes

1 black around the eyes

Causes of blackness around the eyes – ” Contents1 Blackness around the eyes2 Causes of darkness around the eyes3 Treating blackness around the eyes4 Natural recipes for blackBlack around the eyesSome people suffer from the problem of dark circles around the eyes and under them in a way that disturbs them and makes them distressed and suffocated while practicing their daily life activities, and these dark circles or black circles that surround the eyes produce many things, which is the coloring of the skin surrounding the eyes in black, and is considered as a skin problem that men and women seek to solve, as it suggests the tiredness and frustration of a person, in spite of not feeling these things.The eyes and face in general reflect the activity and vitality of the human being, and in case of blackness, it suggests illness, fatigue and tiredness. In this article, we will talk about the most important causes and treatment of the eyes, and we will provide mixtures and recipes to get rid of this problem.Causes of darkness around the eyesGenetics and genes; Where some people are distinguished by the presence of dark spots and circles under their eyes because one of the parents or grandparents has it.Nasal congestion and s

2 The causes of blackness around the eyes

inus problems.Anemia or what is called anemia caused by a lack of iron in the blood.Lack of sleep and standing for long, continuous hours.Stress, fatigue and great physical effort.Smoking.Exposure to the harmful and burning sun for a long time and directly.STARE-HOURS DIRECTLY ON THE SCREENS OF MOBILE PHONES, Laptops, etc.Age or what is called aging; Where the skin is affected by this issue in the most important way.Treating the dark around the eyesGet enough rest.A constant thought stops.Drink sufficient amounts of water every day and the amount of water is estimated to be two meters or about eight cups.Eat vegetables and fruits frequently as they contribute to the freshness and vitality of the skin.Apply natural masks to the skin.Avoid using cheap chemicals and cosmetics, especially under and around the eyes, and it is better to use expensive powders with well-known international brands.Healthy and balanced foods and natural diets well known and avoid unknown diets that harm and do not contribute to health.Regular face work, which stimulates blood circulation and leads to brighten the face and treat it from fatigue and tiredness.Natural recipes for blackCucumber slices by putting

3 Treating black around the eyes

them for about ten minutes or a quarter of an hour on the eyes and below.Potato slices by applying them on the eye area for almost an hour.Mix a quantity of liquid milk with pieces of ice and put them on the eyes, and it is recommended to repeat the steps until effective and desired results are achieved.The era of fresh lettuce leaves, add rose water and put it under the eyes continuously until the darkening disappears.Was the article useful?

4 Natural recipes for black

Causes of blackness around the eyes

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