Causes of blackness around the mouth

1 black around the mouth

Causes of blackness around the mouth – ” Contents1 black around the mouth2 causes of blackness around the mouth3 Treating blackness around the mouth4 referencesBlackness around the mouthOur skin is exposed to many problems that can be caused by internal organic problems in our body, or due to external influences and factors, or poor nutritional behaviors, and one of the most common problems is the black area around the mouth, which would cause embarrassment for the person with, and would cause some of his confidence in his appearance, because it is the presence of pigments and dark colored spots surrounding the lips, and focus on the right and right side, and in this article, we will present you with the reasons that lead to this annoying problem. [1]Causes of darkness around the mouthThere are many reasons that lead to this problem, namely: [2]High cholesterol or harmful blood in the blood.Malnutrition, which would lead to a decrease in certain nutrients, the most important of which are vitamins.The presence of disorders in the digestive system, especially in the colon.Lack of drinking water, the large amount of salts in the blood.Dry skin, which would accumulate many dead skin cells, which is the most common cause.Use

2 Causes of blackness around the mouth

cosmetic powders, such as moisturizers that contain a high percentage of perfumes.The cause of blackness around the mouth can be a bacterial infection, which is caused by frequent placement of the hand around the mouth.Fluoride, which reaches the mouth through toothpaste.Eating some types of fruits with many juices, or salty foods, from which the remains around the mouth escapes to its blackness.Frequent consumption of gasoline or various juices, and do not pay attention to clean the mouth if some of them leak.Using non-original lip moisturizers, which may contain substances that cause black.Frequent exposure to the sun and without using moisturizers or preventive creams.The cause may be skin cancer.Treating blackness around the mouthTo treat this problem it is necessary to do preventive measures, the most important of which is to drink more water and maintain the cleanliness of the skin as a whole and an area around the mouth, to stop using perfumed creams and consult a Doctor, but there are homemade mixtures that will help in the dark problem around the mouth, they are: [3]Mix lemon juice and orange with almond oil, apply it on the area around the mouth for five minutes, then wa

3 Treating blackness around the mouth

sh it off.Glycerin with lemon juice and apply it to the project area daily before going to bed.Mix honey and starch in equal amounts with a little milk and leave it for fifteen minutes on the draft area.Spray oranges with oats and a little lemon juice and put it on the area around the mouth for five minutes.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Causes of blackness around the mouth

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