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Causes of blue nails – “Contents1 cases of blue nails2 cases that cause blue nail3 video causes of blue nail4 referencesCauses of blue nailsCyanosis is a condition that occurs in the blue nails as a result of the decrease or lack of oxygen in the blood or red blood cells, which makes the skin or membrane underneath it tends to the color blue violet, [1] and although some causes leading to Blue nails:Low temperatureThe decrease in the temperature of the blue nail, which is a natural response of the body to keep the internal organs at an appropriate temperature, can lead to the reduction of blood vessels, which leads to the difficulty of its normal color, but If the blue color continues after the massage, the cause may be a disease or inherent structures that cause the difficulty of delivering blood to all parts of the body. [1]pharmaceuticalSome medications can cause a blue nail bed, such as: [2]Anti-malarials.Drugs that organize the heart rhythm, such as amyodarone.Drugs used in the treatment of psychology (English: phenothiazines).Minocycline used in the treatment of rosacea; there has been at least one case of nail bruising resulting from the use of this drug.Occupational risksNail blue can occur in pr

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actitioners of certain specific professionals, such as users of metal detergents and paint deodorants, or who manufacture inks or dyes, and mechanics given their use of oxalic acid in cleaning the radiator. [2]Silver poisoningA silver component, or what is called silver, is one of the first places that can show signs of silver deposition; Because it does not contain skin dyes, and in the advanced stages, it can appear on the skin areas exposed to the skin, and we indicate that this condition may worsen when exposure to silver increases, because it is a non-returned condition , and the risk of infection in silver workers such as silver mines and manufacturers increases silver. [2]Conditions that cause nail bruisingSome health problems cause blue nails, such as heart problems, lung, blood cells or blood vessels, [1] while its statement is in detail:Lung diseasesExamples of lung problems that can cause blue nail:Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which is one of the chronic diseases of lung inflammation that occurs as a result of exposure to gases or micro-irritable particles for long periods of time, such as cigarette smoke, often causing obstruction of the airflow of the

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lungs, and its symptoms include its symptoms. Coughing, difficulty breathing, wheezing, mucus or phlegm production. [3]Asthma: asthma, which is a condition that affects the airways, leads to its narrowing and swelling, and can cause extra mucus, which stimulates coughing, makes breathing difficult and distressing, and causes a yellow sound when exhaling. [4]The acute Resppectory Distress Syndrome, known for ARDS, which occurs as a result of an accumulation of fluid in the lungs, which hinders its complete oxygen, and therefore the difficulty of blood access to the oxygen needed to transfer to the body, so the The work of some organs such as the kidneys can stop due to a lack of oxygen related to it, and we emphasize that this syndrome is one of the types of acute respiratory failure. [5]Lung inflammation: Pneumonia may produce many microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi, which causes vesicles in one or both lungs and their full fluid or pus, and accompanied by many symptoms such as cough accompanied by sputum or pus, difficulty Breathing, in addition to a high body temperature and chills. [6]Pulmonary embolism and screaming is a blockage of one of the pulmonary arterie

s in the lung, as a result of a condition known as deep intravenous thrombosis (depein vein thrombosis-DVT); Where blood clots are transmitted with deep veins in the body, which are often the veins of the legs to the lungs. [7]Heart diseaseOne of the heart diseases that leads to nail is a nail.Congenital heart defect, which is the most common type of birth defect (English: Congenital anomaly), is common, and the reason for its occurrence is due to the presence of a problem in the composition of the heart, and it appears on the Child of birth, and these defects can be in the wall of the heart, or its valve, or the nearby arteries and veins, and it results in hindering the natural blood flow through the heart, which leads to slow the blood flow, completely cut off, or its flow in the wrong direction, or in the wrong place. [8]Eisenmenger syndrome as one of the long-term complications due to the suffering of a person who is not treated for a person since birth, which leads to damage to the blood vessels in the lung, due to the lack of blood flow Naturally, as a result of a defect in the rotation of blood in the heart and lungs, it is indicated that the abnormal flow of blood leads to

an increase in the pressure of the arteries of the lung, that is, pulmonary hypertension, in addition to the stiffness and narrowing of the blood vessels in the lungs. [9]A heart failure is made that the heart is unable to properly pump blood throughout the body, and this is attributed to the presence of a severe weakness or hardening in the heart. [10]Blood Kicks DisordersBlood disorders leading to blue nails include:Methemoglobinemia is a blood disorder that is accompanied by the inability of hemoglobin to effectively release oxygen to body tissues despite being pregnant, as this imbalance occurs due to the increased production of methemoglobin in a natural, which is naturally, Which is normal, it is a form of hemoglobin, and in the context of the conversation, it is stated that hemoglobin is a protein found in red blood cells responsible for oxygen transport and distribution throughout the body, [11] and there are two types of blood dyoglobin: [1 ]](Acquire) and occurs when a person takes certain foods, drugs or chemicals, and are considered the most common.Blood congetic: (English: chongen), a person suffered from birth of birth.Carbon monoxide, carbon monoxide and its chemical

symbol and chemical (CO) are a poisonous, colorless and odorless gas, and when inhaling a small amount, this gas is associated with hemoglobin, causing the removal of oxygen molecules, this amount usually comes by mistake from various sources of combustion, and hemoglobin is considered as previously mentioned a protein molecule that carries iron that carries oxygen into the red blood cells, and it is also responsible for their color. [12]The true redness: (English: polycemia vera), which is a type of leukemia, as the blood density increases and its flow slows down, due to an increased production of red blood cells bone marrow, and this can lead to serious problems such as blood clotting. [13]Other casesIn addition to what was mentioned above, there are other cases that lead to a blue nail, including the following:Raynaud’s syndrome is also known as Raynaud’s disease, a condition that changes the color of the fingers of the fingers and feet to blue or white in cold temperatures, in addition to becoming painful, due to the lack of blood to the limbs reaching the limbs; Due to the occurrence of narrowing of the blood vessels. [14]Hypotness or low blood pressure is a condition that ex

presses enough blood, oxygen to the hands and feet, causing blue nail. [14]Problems with veins and arteries: these problems are attributed to the presence of several possible causes such as venous insufficiency, or blockage of veins or arteries, or peripheral vascular diseases, which can lead to the inability of the body to deliver enough blood and oxygen to the hands and feet].Hypovolemic chock and shift in which the direction of blood flows from the skin to the internal organs. [14]Lymphatic fluid problems: Lymphatic fluid is due to a condition called lymphatic dysfunction, often resulting in tissue swelling due to its fullness of lymphatic fluid. [14]Video of what causes blue nailsHave you been surprised by your blue nails and I don’t know why! :the reviewerWas the article useful?

Causes of blue nails

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