Causes of dark circles

1 Reasons for the emergence of dark circles

Causes of dark circles – ” Contents1 reasons for the emergence of dark circles2 fluid imbalance3 itching4 referencesThe reasons for the emergence of dark circlesThere are many reasons that stand directly behind the appearance of dark circles under the eyes of the eyes, the most important of which are: [1]Allergy.Genetic factors.Direct exposure to sunlight, which increases the production of melanin sauce that leads to darkening of the skin in general, and under the eye specifically, due to its role in weakening and thinning of the skin, and the decrease in the rate of collagen, that, there is, in the role of the skin, and the decrease in the rate of collagen, which increases the possibility of signs of aging, and dark blood vessels appear under the eyes.Dermatitis, pigmentation that accompanies this problem. [2]Relaxation of the skin. [2]Note that there are many other reasons behind this problem, including bad routine habits, in addition to smoking, in addition to cases of nasal congestion, and others, and it can be eliminated by many available medical treatments, which can be determined by the specialists of doctors in this field. [3]Fluid imbalanceLiquid balance in the eyes of the area results in the emer

2 Liquids imbalance

gence of a state of swelling or bloating in the eyelids, and it may appear a dark color and shades such as dark circles in the lower area, as this is a result of the physical fatigue and fatigue, and with aging or aging, knowing that this problem is common. between a large group of people, including men and women, and does not require anxiety, as it does not indicate a serious condition that can be life-threatening in most cases. [4]Severe itchingWhich may result from an infection, a skin disease, such as eczema.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

3 Itching

Causes of dark circles

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