Causes of darkening of the body

1 darkening of the body

Causes of darkening of the body – “Contents1 darkening of the body2 causes of body darkening3 referencesDarkeningDarkening of the body is called hyperpro found, which leads to the skin appears in a dark color, and tanning can occur in the form of small places distributed in large areas of the skin, as its effect can include all parts of the body, And this pigmentation is not harmful, But they distort the aesthetic view for the body, because it can be a symptom of medical conditions and there are types of darkening of the body resulting from hyperpigmentation, depending on the cause, pigmentation and tanning can occur anywhere in the body, and darkening spots vary in size. [1]Causes of body darkeningHormonal changes during pregnancyThis condition is known as the cost of pregnancy, and it appears in many areas, especially on the face and abdomen, as a result of hormonal changes that the body of the pregnant woman goes through, [1] such as hormonal disorders that cause darkening of the body such as those that occur as a result of ovarian cysts and thyroid gland sluggishness, and disorders of the adrenal glands [2] It should be noted that pigmentation that is more costs women than men than men, as we mentioned earlier

2 causes of darkening of the body

because they are related to hormonal changes, and that the woman who takes alternative hormonal treatments or oral pregnancy means is more vulnerable to injury. [3]]SunspotsThese spots are associated with excessive exposure to the sun, and the darkening in this case appears as hyperbia in sun-exposed areas such as the face and hands, because exposure to the sun causes increased production of melanin that causes tanning. [1]Dermatitis and increased melanin productionDermatitis occurs in this case because of the skin’s exposure to inflammation, and it can also occur because of the increased production of melanin, which is the dye responsible for giving the skin its color, and many conditions can increase the production of this dye. [1]Taking medicationsSome medications can cause darkening of the body because they cause hyperpigmentation, and among these medications: chemotherapy drugs that cause darkening of the body as one of its side effects, according to what the Comprehensive Center of the University of Mexico stated [1] [1] To take certain nutritional supplements, as a high dose of niacin, can cause darkening of the body, as well as as previously mentioned in the birth of the pi

ll, brrenrisone and other drugs, as well as cortisone drugs, [2] this also includes drugs that Increase skin sensitivity to the sun, which increases the risk of melasma, in addition to using some cosmetics, thyroid treatment drugs and ovarian cyst drugs. [3]Infection with certain diseasesSome diseases can cause the body to darken, such as: endocrine diseases and Addison’s disease, as these diseases cause hormone levels and increase the production of melanin dye [1] in addition to the body’s resistance to insulin and type 2 diabetes, as They have what is known as insulin resistance of pallor, as well as cancer such as lymphoma when the tumor develops in the internal organs of the body such as the liver, stomach and colon. [2]the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Causes of darkening of the body

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