Causes of facial obesity

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Causes of facial obesity – ” Contents1 Facing obesity2 Causes of facial obesity3 How to get rid of facial obesity4 ReferencesCoping with obesityMany women suffer from a problem of facial obesity, which sometimes includes the neck area if it exceeds its limit, which gives a bad and boring feeling, and soon you feel that its shape has become bad, so she resorted to get rid of this problem In different ways, but in vain, and obesity occurs in front is for many different reasons, diet is the most important, according to the opinion of the president of the American Academy for Beauty and Surgery (Stephen Park), on the Subject of facial obesity, weight gain and its loss is not at all related to fat cells in the face, and is not affected by the expansion and shrinkage, but the reason is to increase the percentage of fat in the body, and that is What we will explain in this article. [1]Causes of facial obesityThere are many reasons that lead to obesity and fat accumulation, namely: [2]Water retention inside the body, due to excessive intake of alcohol, gas, diabetes and salts, so you need to increase water to avoid its occurrence.The high percentage of hormones in the body leads to the enlargement of the face, its s

2 causes of facial obesity

welling and sagging of the chin area, especially during the menstrual period in women. During this period, the percentage of progesterone increases.People with certain foods are one of the reasons that increase the percentage of obesity in the face, such as gelatin sensitivity and irritable bowel, as these people suffer from a large swelling of their faces.How to get rid of facial obesityThe problem of facial obesity can be eliminated by taking steps and things and adhering to them:[3]Desobody to use salt in food all the time and replace it with lemon.Drink more milk and eat dairy derivatives.Put a tablespoon of natural honey and a tablespoon of rose water in a cup of water and drink it daily.Rub the face and massage it by cutting ice, repeating the method twice a week.Drink the equivalent of at least eight cups of water, taking care to avoid drinking gas juice.Avoid eating foods that contain high levels of carbohydrates and diabetes, such as potatoes, starch, bread, fruit and candy.Eat more foods that contain a high percentage of dietary fiber, such as vegetables and brown bread.Do some exercises for the face and massage it, and these exercises are:Sitting in a quiet place for fiv

3 How to get rid of facial obesity

e minutes and relax with a tightening of the face, helps to get rid of obesity.Do the fish exercise, which is a tightening of the mouth to five minutes and a cool for five minutes.Close the mouth and inflate the right cheek, then the left, for ten seconds, with the process for five minutes.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Causes of facial obesity

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